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Perhaps a "Suggestions/Enhancement Requests" area

This discussion group is linked to from the "Technical Support" area. You might consider a separate group/area for "Suggestions, Recommendations, and Enhancement Requests". That way we can see what other have suggested and not pester you with the same thing repeatedly.

Voting like BugZilla would be really cool, too. :)

So far, so good in my CityDesk usage. Perfect for someone with no right brain, like me.

Donnie Hale
Saturday, December 22, 2001

Here's a list of some things I'd like:

foreach in tree
  similar to "foreach in folder" except that "tree" would automatically include files in sub-folders

Next in criterion
previous in criterion
  These would take as 'criterion' anything which could appear in a for-loop, find the current entry, and then return respectively pointers to the item which would be next or just before in the sequence. I want to use these to create "next entry", "previous entry" links in individual article entries. Note that this usage would not require that the particular criterion was actually being used in a forloop somewhere. (I might want to have "alphabetically next", "chronologically next" and "next relevant" links all at once.)
  A more general approach would permit me to include a cardinal number, so that I could also add "skip ahead by ten" and "skip backward by ten" for example.

Ability to control extraction in a for-loop by date. There's "today", but I'd like to be able to say "last three days" or "anything between 12/1/2001 and 12/31/2001". "Last three days" is what I'd like to use to control what appears on my front page (instead of a simple count) and I'd like to use the date-range to create archive indices (so that I can create a "Everything in December" page).

Steven C. Den Beste
Wednesday, December 26, 2001

good ideas!

Joel Spolsky
Wednesday, December 26, 2001

I'd like to be able to have the html files that get generated get meaningful filenames. Maybe you could give the published file the same name as what appears in the "explorer"-like CD view. I realize there could be naming collisions, so maybe this could be optional, and you'd have a chance to check the names before you publish. Or, there could just be the restriction that all of the articles in a folder have to have unique names...

This is a feature that I think paying customers would want if they were using cd to make a public site.

I guess I feel a little silly sending a link to instead of

But then again, I'm a big dork that way.

Lastly, CD is a pretty smooth piece of software. Good job!

Roman Zabicki
Saturday, December 29, 2001

Doing "anything between 12/1/2001 and 12/31/2001" is as simple as this:

{$ foreach x in (and (folder "archive") (and (after 2001/11/30) (before 2002/1/1))) sortDescendBy .filedDate $}

I use that for my archive page (pulls from a single folder, and shows only articles between those two dates).

Brad Wilson
Saturday, December 29, 2001

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