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I need a CityDesk accessory

I'm building a complicated site (for me that is), I've got seven folders, seven templates, who knows how many scripts, frequent changes, and frequent requests for new pages. I started the site before I had a good grasp of CityDesk and now I'm getting confused.

Since the .cty files are simple databases, I would pay for a simple program that provided a little documentation.  A printout would be fine:

A list of the files and articles: filename, title, author, dates, keywords, whether the extra fields are populated, which template it used, whether it contained scripts, and the variables it used.

A list of the templates: Which variables they use and if they have scripts.

A list of variables (even better if they tell me the pages that use them.

I guess it'd be nice to have a list of audiences, publish locations, and languages too, but I don't need those right now.  You may.

Friday, December 21, 2001

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