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Opening Articles Brings up MS Office SR-1 Install

I've got CityDesk (free version) installed on my PC at home and when I first open it, and then open an (or template), it brings up the MS Office SR-1 Install Dialog, like Office is trying to install some new part of itself.  If I hit cancel a couple of times it goes away, but this is annoying.  Anyone else see this?

Chris Jones
Monday, December 17, 2001

This is an Office bug. Microsoft has helpfully removed the knowledge base article from their website but Google still has it in the cache

The knowledge base article says that to fix this problem you have to remove two registry keys. FogBUGZ Setup attempts to remove these keys. It may not have done so on your machine.

To solve this problem:
* Let Office install what it's trying to install. This will solve it once and for all.
* Remove the registry keys as described in the Microsoft knowledge base article

Joel Spolsky
Monday, December 17, 2001

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