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Dual screen support

I'm lucky enough to have two monitors attached to my primary development system. It's nice to be able to see reference documentation while looking at source code.

The trouble I'm having is that CityDesk always opens windows on the primary screen, not the screen on which CityDesk is located. Anyone else have this problem? Are there any configuration changes I can make to CityDesk so that it'll play nicer with my environment?


- Peter

Peter Kropf
Thursday, December 13, 2001

You could try to change the color depth or the refresh rate of one of your monitors so something different. Sometimes when the two screens have slightly different settings Windows will do the Right Thing.

Guan Yang
Friday, December 14, 2001

We don't have any test machines set up like that so it got overlooked.  I'll add it to the 2.0 features to fix...
Thanks for the report!

Michael Pryor
Friday, December 14, 2001

Peter, what OS are you using?

(Microsoft has changed their dual-monitor support from OS to OS)

Joel Spolsky
Saturday, December 15, 2001

I'm running Windows 2000 Professional w/ Service pack 2, build 2195.

Peter Kropf
Monday, December 17, 2001

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