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Color Palette Feature Suggestion

The PR for City Desk says, "Anyone who can use a word processor can update the site." So, it's good to see a color palette for the fonts.

Such an audience may have trouble changing the colors of the Web site (not just font colors) and may not know the difference between #000000 and #ffffff. How about a palette for background, cells, etc. to help such users?

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

I second the suggestion for adding a simpler UI method for changing the background color of text. I searched in vain for fifteen minutes trying to find how to change a template items background color using a drop-down or some other simple control off the menus. I am new to the program so I figured I was just missing something...I guess for now I have to the choose the colors in "hex" outside CityDesk and then enter the value in HTML mode.  Otherwise, I simply love CityDesk!

Ben Meiry
Saturday, January 19, 2002

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