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This is an old, archived forum, no longer open for new posts. The forum has moved to

     CityDesk Technical Support Discussion has moved! Michael H. Pryor (Fog Creek) (0 comments)
     Was anyone else thrown off by "else" Eruc Armstrong (1)
     RSS Feed for this Forum? Eruc Armstrong (7)
     "Do not publish" files Eruc Armstrong (5)
     Can't publish to target directory Eruc Armstrong (1)
     The've made my site secure but there's trouble tk (5)
     Special CityDesk edition in January magazines Patrick Thomas (14)
     Hiding CityScript from users, adding comments Dave Burnham (1)
     Help with some error (4158) in a loop Ivan V. (1)
     What does a host do that requires the "www" tk (7)
     Open Source CityDesk? gmale (14)
     Tired of these postings... Phil Summers (10)
     Joel says "No money in CityDesk..." Bryan (19)
     Free CityDesk database script utility Patrick Thomas (10)
     anti-linkrot suggestion (CityDesk) Matthew Doucette (25)
     CityDesk Wizards/Templates: New licensing, pricing Patrick Thomas (5)
     Flash files Mark Gibson (2)
     Database Joe Knapp (6)
     the next 10 Ruud van Soest (4)
     Extended CityDesk AsianCoder (2)
     IIS and link level tk (11)
     leaving 'thisarticle' unlinked in a loop? g (8)
     Joel loves to write about what he's working on... drawoC suomynonA (13)
     Is this an irritating menu or what? tk (5)
     Magazine Publisher creating Cover-CD's with CD Patrick Thomas (3)
     program freezing Chris Kelley (6)
     Field in keywordContains? Pryan (4)
     CityDesk metatags - workaround David Watts (5)
     deprecated methods should change DC (6)
     Need brief primer on multi-language sites tk (4)
     CD site back Rognvaldr (1)
     Using articles not published in a published site Ivan V. (3)
     create hierarchical menu jan kieftenbeld (1)
     inserting images into the header Thomas Lavelle (3)
     How to Use Firefox for Preview George Illes (6)
     JUUKA + CityDesk starter edition (english) Stefan Ganz (1)
     error messages on opening .cty file dc (3)
     Inserting x.body into Javascript David Watts (2)
     JUUKA + CityDesk starter edition (german) Patrick Thomas (0)
     can't do a backup Joel Goldstick (1)
     JUUKA: Free CityDesk Wizard (Site Template) Patrick Thomas (1)
     New CityDesk Forum Screensaver 2 Patrick Thomas (7)
     CityDesk East my Amazon Affiliate Codes (10)
     Image Gallery Don Vince (1)
     New CityDesk + Templates + Extensions site Patrick Thomas (0)
     Extra blank space Dave Faris (2)
     Listing pdf files john cesta (5)
     If-the-else done in CityScript Jorgen B. (0)
     JavaScript inserted by CD Jorgen B. (9)
     Template "inheritance" or reuse? JT (6)
     Experience with one CD alternative David Hewson (11)
     How to block IE SP2 warnings from CD Previews Ian Russell (3)
     Using CityDesk with SQL Server backend Ian Fraser (2)
     Using CD to Generate Photo Slideshow George Illes (8)
     Simple DHTML Treeview Patrick Thomas (1)
     CityDesk and someone else's online database Ruud van Soest (5)
     Lost my .cty file. Mark (1)
     Report on "Search Maker Pro" tk (1)
     What style sheet editor is for me? John Cesta (8)
     List Index Files in Several Folders PRyan (8)
     startup error Charles Ahart (9)
     Site is different in firefox from Ie Johan (10)
     CityDesk international versions Ruud van Soest (2)
     What does it mean ? Brandt (17)
     'File Types' in the View menu, not in the toolbar Pat Rice (1)
     Random quotes john cesta (1)
     multilingual sites, multiaudience sites Ruslan Kazyulkin (3)
     Yet another CD competitor Robert Pawlak ( ) (10)
     Including one file inside another Jonathan Waldman (1)
     Folder Names Raoul (7)
     Edit template Richard W Youngman (2)
     subdomains Joe Knapp (5)
     Repair corrupt database Ewout de Graaf (1)
     Even a blind squirrel finds ... tk (2)
     CityDesk Forum as Screensaver Patrick Thomas (4)
     Site Check Needed John Topley ( (8)
     Dragging Access and .cty file into CityDesk? tk (1)
     Feature Request David Burch (5)
     not expensive or free save-for-the-web tool? Ruud van Soest (7)
     Two CityDesk files to one site? James (2)
     Annoying 2 Dan (0)
     Annoying Joe Knapp (3)
     empty sidebar still displays FNdS (1)
     How to rsync your site Jeremy Stein (2)
     HAAPAVESI Wizard (Template) released Patrick Thomas (5)
     Does citydesk support tables? Sam J. (13)
     2 level tab strip example ? Michael Mee (1)
     Active Scripting with CityDesk Tony Edgecombe (0)
     Uploads Files That Haven't Changed. All the time. Thomas van Putten (6)
     Memory leak with "Automatic Publishing" Thomas van Putten (2)
     online and offline external databases Ruud van Soest (1)
     And yet another V3 request George Illes (4)
     Yet Another v3 Feature Request Scott McDonald (4)
     A couple more requests for V3 Robert Pawlak ( ) (0)
     Inserting entire directories Greg McDonough (3)
     The Future of CityDesk? My Code Has Low "Carbs" (22)
     All images default to root folder location? Adam Rogers (3)
     Wish for CityDesk v3 Ruud van Soest (10)
     Citydesk as blog front end? Gregg Tavares (8)
     Does CityDesk need :\Windows\System32\setver32.exe Emerson Seiti Takahashi (1)
     {$ between $} in loops Ewout de Graaf (2)
     Why CityDesk Rocks Ken McKinney (3)
     Network Drive Page Counter George Illes (6)
     Using Keywords as links JohnBoy (1)
     Joel Spolsky on CityDesk David Walker (4)
     Nine month and still no news Jorgen B. (15)
     How to do a select form with CityScript? tk (4)
     Searching a site on a CD? tk (5)
     User selected folders? PRyan (5)
     I've Broken Your Links Perpetual Newbie II (11)
     go back Ruud van Soest (5)
     Links to articles in sub-folders PRyan (3)
     My latest CD site john cesta (3)
     ASP, conditional CSS, City Desk, voila! Debra Weiss (11)
     How can I enter an asp file in CityDesk? Ruud van Soest (2)
     index-2.html why john cesta (4)
     Forms Joe Knapp (7)
     Crashing when opening articles Iain Forsyth (3)
     Joel is going to kill me Matt Cramp (1)
     Web tool Jorgen B. (0)
     Using Template Families George Illes (24)
     Please help with background images... John Kunes (4)
     Interesting technique: Typography on webpages Rinus Luijmes (1)
     feature request Ruud van Soest (2)
     CSS-question / lines Martin Gürsch (6)
     Iterating with Include _ (10)
     merging or embedding one CD site in another Mike Beard (3)
     Questions for CityDesk users Ken Hagler (11)
     A CMS with more scripting than CityDesk Rinus Luijmes (5)
     Automate adding files to CityDesk Tony Edgecombe (3)
     CD for Newsletters? Ruud van Soest (5)
     Newbe scripting problems Joe Knapp (9)
     What do you get with a Contributor Pack? tk (5)
     Index - Content _ (3)
     More feature requests Eric Sink (9)
     CD site looks different in Opera and Mozilla Rinus Luijmes (5)
     Folders in CityScript _ (9)
     Templates Joe Knapp (4)
     Running batch Tidy on files before publishing jetexas (2)
     wish list -- print Joel Goldstick (1)
     Conditional Breadcrumbs _ (2)
     forEach 1 x+1 Dave Heath (5)
     CSS throughout my site Dave Heath (2)
     Swithcing Views _ (8)
     Accessible Javascript Bookmarks John Topley ( (3)
     Publish to Word Amos (2)
     Advantages of CD compared to FP Bill Nalen (6)
     AbsoluteLinks Steve Hein (2)
     CityScript Blocked David Burch (2)
     How should CityDesk handle pictures? tk (8)
     Where are all the Sites using CityDesk??? Joel (12)
     justify and center aligning are exclusive Matthew Doucette (4)
     Special caracters in placeholders Markus Raabe (6)
     You can put a site on CD, can't you? tk (7)
     Paging in CityDesk? Trevor Dogwood (2)
     Least efficient piece of CityScript? rognvaldr (8)
     New Citydesk site Brian (7)
     Using audiences and multiple publish locations Dan (1)
     meta tags in the pages Appie (5)
     CityDesk on Virtual PC (OS X) and external editors Matthew Soldo (1)
     So what's the status Bill Nalen (12)
     Prevent re-publishing of many images Louis (5)
     Looping through folders james mountain (3)
     How to recover a deleted cty file alluvignesh (11)
     HTMLDBScript 1.5 Lou Franco (4)
     Image Formating PRyan (6)
     Limit to number of variables? rognvaldr (7)
     Features I wanted today tk (5)
     Questions for FogCreek David Burch (8)
     Missing Articles Danny Garcia (5)
     editing "basic.css" vs. template Matthew Doucette (10)
     Awards for CityDesk sites Dan (13)
     Background images Danny Garcia (3)
     file permissions and CityDesk (9)
     More Feature Requests Mtl_Dev (3)
     Feature requests Eric Sink (2)
     Can Citydesk get round Atoms'z hatred of JS? davidh (10)
     Forward old URLs when article renamed or moved (16)
     Managing sections of a page PRyan (4)
     The idea of a desktop cms Ruud van Soest (4)
     nested forEach would cause infinite loop Eric Sink (13)
     Use of {$ else $} Dan (5)
     Multilingual Web Sites Mtl_Dev (5)
     Trying to work without CityDesk! Dan (1)
     Tech Support E-mail Form David Burch (2)
     Search tip from the FogBugz forum David Burch (1)
     CityDesk accelerates Interwoven 10:1 Patrick Thomas (1)
     Responce from Joel PeterM (24)
     Can't Add New Lines! Jon S. (3)
     Exposed CD Database Information Perpetual Newbie II (7)
     Inserting Columns or Tables into Articles Murrel Rhodes (7)
     Using the wrong software David Burch (22)
     MS Office Premium wants to install Dan (2)
     CityDesk 3.0 me (6)
     Contributors Working from Home? Lindy (8)
     DHTML navigation script used in VANTAA Patrick Thomas (0)
     Current Menu Item - Again Mr. E Lurker (10)
     .net user control and citydesk htmlview problem Dave (1)
     Inserting a random photo/image Brian (5)
     Inserting Javascript into teaser? Brian (5)
     Publish & Preview Looking for HTML Perpetual Newbie II (5)
     index-2? Mtl_Dev (3)
     Ping and Co Janek Schwarz (0)
     nextLink and thisArticle Sam Strachan (3)
     recent topics PeterM (7)
     All But First? Brian Bommarito (5)
     Categories? Brian Bommarito (2)
     None article files. Chris Rudram (4)
     VANTAA manual now online, free download Patrick Thomas (0)
     if-then-else Jorgen B. (8)
     Images don't publish if aligned left or right Dan (2)
     check for image? Rognvaldr (4)
     Practical limitations of CityDesk? Rognvaldr (13)
     New User Chris Spencer (2)
     Stuff Disappears (9)
     Can't figure this out john Cesta (20)
     New CD site online Rognvaldr (10)
     Creating an article and folder of the same name David Watts (3)
     {$ include "PTMFOG0000004045" $} ? Rognvaldr (6)
     Dates Ernst Schulten (2)
     New CityDesk website using templates/variables/CSS Mari Jose Gallego Rodriguez (0)
     German-language Help File available Patrick Thomas (0)
     new CityDesk-website online (based on FORSSA) Lutz Sindermann (1)
     too little formating in citydesk? Alvaro (2)
     Joel: more on external db integration Bob Bloom (0)
     Where is Spolsky? Just Wondering.. (4)
     New CD site (partially) online Rognvaldr (2)
     Importing HTML, MS Word as articles. John Shaw (6)
     CD: ssslllooowwwww! Rognvaldr (11)
     Can this become a template? Dave Burniston (4)
     Feat.Req.: translation functionality enhancement Rognvaldr (0)
     cant display all pages Jim Chen (1)
     Feature req: get magic names from search and ... tk (0)
     What do these JavaScript things do? tk (9)
     Feature request peter (0)
     CityDesk VS CMS Encore Pro? Adam (3)
     utf-8 problem bob (1)
     What I would like to see john Cesta (10)
     £ Mark Major (5)
     Image Storage Duplication ?? Perpetual Newbie II (11)
     Query number of foreach matches? Rognvaldr (4)
     CD - 3rd Party App. Integration Simon Ghosh (2)
     CityDesk Meta Tag SW (9)
     Pages not deleting or changing names john Cesta (6)
     Main menus and sub menus Kai Jäger (19)
     RSS feed for this forum Joel Goldstick (2)
     Jakob Skjerning: The CSS Depot Rinus Luijmes (1)
     Right Under My Nose John Topley ( (3)
     Gallery template "City Gallery 1" Roberto Porcar (2)
     New CD site with DHTML menu online Patrick Thomas (4)
     Citydesk for other blogging systems? Gregg Tavares (7)
     Anticipation and fear of CD 3 tk (19)
     Make a gallery with citydesk (free) Roberto Porcar (6)
     Template Problem, please help: Maurice Fäh (2)
     New feature wish: Maurice Fäh (7)
     Number 21 PeterM (0)
     Evaluating CityDesk as an option... Shawn Ellis (5)
     alteration of img tag Ewout de Graaf (6)
     New feature wish: Maurice Fäh (4)
     Loop question: Maurice Fäh (12)
     New desktop CMS PeterM (26)
     Second VANTAA demo, how to adapt design Patrick Thomas (0)
     How to list all articles in child subdirectories? Wilhelm Medetz (5)
     VANTAA demo now online Patrick Thomas (5)
     Anybody got this to? PeterM (4)
     Microsoft realizes that MSHTML.DLL is FUBAR Anonymous Coward (2)
     Can't Publish to FTP Yahoo/Geocities account Bob Smitka (3)
     Placeholder within Placeholder Aryeh (2)
     Publishing Problems "Handled Created" Shelley Moore (1)
     Citydesk best use practices? Maurice Fäh (15)
     Really useful error message gwyn (12)
     File Won't Work - Jet Database Issue? Read-Only... Eric Saul (4)
     Hard Crash Eddie Anderson (1)
     corrupted cd file?? Eric (2)
     VANTAA Wizard / Template released Patrick Thomas (14)
     New features wishlist for Citydesk: Maurice Fäh (6)
     Trouble publishing site Greg McDonough (3)
     BUG: Lost template Iain Forsyth (4)
     random function? grant (1)
     Analyzing the actual citydesk-root (inc. solution) Oliver Schwerttner (0)
     CD ver 2.0.20 Oliver Schwerttner (1)
     Feature Request: <code> support Ben Combee (0)
     Feature request: Unused image search Carson (1)
     reusing xml templates Greg McDonough (1)
     Setting root directory Greg McDonough (2)
     Rumours about CD3, VANTAA and a confession Patrick Thomas (3)
     I had a dream PeterM (6)
     MultiLanguage: External Translation Oliver Schwerttner (1)
     Using the Publish -> After Copy feature for backup Hans van Leth (1)
     MultiLanguage: Variables and Directories (2) Oliver Schwerttner (0)
     MultiLanguage: Variables and Directories Oliver Schwerttner (0)
     Text Monkey David Burch (2)
     Where is the news?? PeterM (14)
     How to add a template Aryeh (3)
     Server Files deleted when publishing Dennis Harwood (3)
     {$.template$} Bob Bloom (3)
     Insert Variable Command John Topley ( (3)
     Some critical comments Kai Jäger (1)
     Limit to extra fields Dan (3)
     CityDesk similar ?? (22)
     What's new in CD 3.0 JaSikor (6)
     importing existing html files Steve Roberts (3)
     let me clairify my question vm (2)
     help vm (0)
     Reporting w/CD Jose C. Hernandez (6)
     CD v3 release date: mystery solved! Bob Bloom (1)
     Deletion question Diane Bryan (9)
     CD 3.x Release (??) Perpetual Newbie II (6)
     Number 20 PeterM (0)
     why are my links always turning blue joel goldstick (6)
     register problems Robert M Gray (2)
     number 19 PeterM (0)
     Templates Chris Thompson (3)
     DateTimeFormat Lutz Sindermann (2)
     Number 18 PeterM (0)
     Integrate advertising banners/links/statistic Vic (4)
     FTP upload problem joel goldstick (1)
     more on HTML DbScript version 1.5 Bob Bloom (7)
     starteredition and title 'My New Site' Chris van Aalst - Belgium (2)
     CityDesk 2.0 on ZDNet's "Download Spotlight" Joseph A. Espinosa (0)
     Any suggestions for a free site search? Elle Webb (1)
     Wizard / Template manuals in German Patrick Thomas (0)
     Edit with WordPad John Topley ( (2)
     addon to indent html john cesta (8)
     Any suggestions for user management Paul Wolpe (3)
     Generating change not automatically? Satyadeep Musuvathy (3)
     file not written to disc Eddie Anderson (1)
     Kinda Complex Layout Question Brian M Bommarito (2)
     Storing information/Variables PeterM (4)
     Number 17 PeterM (0)
     Word Count Brian M Bommarito (1)
     Date Headers on Front Page? Brian M Bommarito (1)
     Number 16 PeterM (0)
     Unique Field for Each Article Brian M Bommarito (7)
     Number 15 PeterM (0)
     Caption feature for pictures in CityDesk 2.0 jerry (2)
     XP System Restore changes cty file Chase (1)
     Uploading changes Shelley Moore (1)
     Setting color for active page in a forEach loop Peter Axelsson (7)
     Citydesk not Internationalized Fully? 11 Month Lurker (3)
     Number 14 PeterM (0)
     Number 13 + Updates PeterM (0)
     Photo Album - Amos David Mozer (6)
     Number 12 PeterM (0)
     Newbie in trouble, trying something big! Matt H (4)
     Perl and CityDesk Ryan Tate (3)
     Suggestion: Eliminate preview Tim Keating (3)
     Number 11 PeterM (0)
     Number 10 PeterM (0)
     Number 9 PeterM (5)
     Request:  Screensize warning (2)
     Number 8 PeterM (0)
     Colors in templates Corey Johnson (3)
     Number 7 PeterM (5)
     Query / Feature request Iain Forsyth (1)
     What is going on with JVM for ipx viewer? tk (6)
     Number 6 PeterM (0)
     Number 5 PeterM (2)
     Part processing Richard Wood (2)
     Abbreviated articles Ben Combee (1)
     Multilanguage Wolfgang Manousek (1)
     I need to "repair" a few .cty files tk (13)
     Question about this forum (the mechanic of it) Anonymous (3)
     starting over Steve Sloan (1)
     Another template PeterM (3)
     html_dbscript site Bob Bloom (3)
     Get citydesk files from one .cty to another Richard Wood (4)
     Creating a message board for my site Charlotte A. Hyatt (2)
     Webtrap "Bobby Epperson (3)
     Just what are "placeholder?" Rick Chapman (3)
     How long does it take to publish 200 articles? JaSikor (11)
     weird publishing behavior amos (1)
     Animated GIFs Charles Reich (4)
     tabindex and scripting Thomas Schoessow (0)
     Feature Request: WebDAV support for publishing Please and thank you (0)
     Cannot get image to publish George Illes (5) - extereme live  - new track samples ozric (4)
     copy boy for 1.0 cd john cesta (2)
     Publishing to existing folder john cesta (3)
     How to do a 1 time import into a cty file... Brad (1)
     how-to get html tags Bob Bloom (5)
     For image insertion, please use float instead David Watts (7)
     Pulling child folders/files Ivan Vega R. (4)
     Third template submitted PeterM (0)
     Making a CityDesk-based site available via WAP David Watts (6)
     What is "<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = CD /?>" tk (6)
     Two languages - two template families Tara Mattison (1)
     CtyCalendar & HTML DbScript Bob Bloom (5)
     Publishing to a folder 'above' the root joel goldstick (3)
     Feature Request: "Title" field for links Thomas Schoessow (1)
     CSS graphic WYSIWYG editor David Mozer (4)
     Standards-compliant WYSIWYG Russell Dunvegan (4)
     Error: Unable to edit image Mark Major (0)
     Multiple Audiences/Languages/Template Families Kai Jäger (1)
     CD Spell Check - Options Persistence Perpetual Newbie II (3)
     Dynamic Articles -- a solution Bob Bloom (2)
     Tip: Use Firefox to edit CSS Murkin (from Murka) (2)
     File Copy problem amos (2)
     where when was nutbush citylimits created jasmine williams (0)
     Feature Request: If (thisArticle) in a loop Joel Goodwin (0)
     Feasible size of CTY file Hans van Leth (6)
     UTF-8 George Illes (3)
     Warning about using multiple .cty files amos (5)
     CityDesk as middleware Bob Bloom (5)
     Looping Ashley Dennison (1)
     Can I make my own online forum? Miguel H. Villasin (4)
     Search for CityDesk Intranet Guy Bjerke (11)
     ODBC/Access Problem Kai Jäger (3)
     Working with ASP JohnnyC (3)
     Folder levels being added to links Mark Alger (2)
     Calling external program from "Tools" Kai Jäger (9)
     FTP Error: 'A Connection Is Already Open.' Mark Major (2)
     Atom API RP (2)
     Links don't work MIchael Kalus (0)
     How to pull text from html files into articles? Paul iliano (7)
     Can there be more than one CSS? Bert (3)
     How to Protect email addresses on a page Dan (5)
     Tip: Using variables in Keywords field Scott McDonald (2)
     uploading perl scripts Brad (1)
     DBScript Utility Lou Franco (10)
     Feature Request: Which Files are not used Dan (2)
     Tip: Viewing your CityDesk fields David Walker (0)
     Mangled javascript with 2.0.19 Iain F (1)
     Odd conflict with Photoshop Elements tk (4)
     Feature request: simple database publishing Steven B (4)
     Feature request: Include articles by template name Mark Major (2)
     Databases: who's done what? amos (6)
     Database question to Fogcreek amos (5)
     New Template uploaded Peter Mathijssen (4)
     anchors LUTZ (0)
     Creating Folders recursively? Osiris (1)
     Feature Request: Content Templates Ashley Dennison (5)
     Feature Request: HTML View of Extras Ashley Dennison (3)
     Assets are published even tho dates are set Ashley Dennison (0)
     The variable .body is defined in terms of itself.. Dan Novak (5)
     Browser compatibility George Illes (2)
     including articles on index page; templates Pete Gomez (2)
     citydesk publishes empty files nathan (4)
     Two levels of links = infinite loop error ChasInNapa (1)
     Is there a CityDesk-like Max OSX app? Wade Winningham (6)
     building a navigation menu Maurice Fäh (1)
     Big bug in template editor Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu (5)
     100% cpu usage Marcel Ravenshorst (3)
     Electronic Music Site Built with City Desk Jim (1)
     Redesigned my Site (18)
     CSS item of interest David Mozer (0)
     Site search using only .body$ text? Dennis Harwood (1)
     FR: Change Upload Order (2)
     includinf articles from only from 1 dir lower Steve Barlow (4)
     Bug Bug in in Spellcheck Spellcheck (1)
     Citydesk Jumped The Shark Bob Bloom (15)
     Suggestion: about feature requests amos (1)
     I'm CSS challenged but trying my best... George Illes (3)
     Beautiful menu done in CSS without Javascript! Rinus Luijmes (2)
     Two column body text Richard Uren (5)
     Special Charakters Raoul (4)
     Nutbush City Limits xlerb (Georg Rehfeld) (9)
     Leap year and CtyCalendar Ron Lane (4)
     Does anyone make money directly with CityDesk? Bored Bystander (4)
     Problem fixed - Handling of external command line Ryan Tate (0)
     IE "Edit with" works on some pages, not others? tk (5)
     permissions to edit, possible to restrict them? xlerb (Georg Rehfeld) (3)
     Normal Mode editing bug David Burch (4)
     Where oh where are Template sites RCL (7)
     Singing the Mandatory Unicode Blues geraldH (9)
     Pasting from MS Word Thompson Marzagao (22)
     Using a Cd Variable in Keyword search Dennis Harwood (2)
     Screenshot of new CD2 German and a strange icon Patrick Thomas (2)
     including an excerpt from an article body? vinod v (4)
     New CityDesk Site Wade Winningham (6)
     Passing a CD variable to javascript Dennis Harwood (3)
     ZoneLabs Privacy Insertion George Illes (2)
     html file suggestion amos (2)
     Single user copies of C.D. Contributor Edition? Bored Bystander (2)
     tiny bug gilad (0)
     Feature Request:  Publish selected .js file(s) George Illes (5)
     Folder placement Thompson Marzagao (5)
     Multiuser via Contributor Edition? M.S. Manley (4)
     Enter Key Fails To Work Jim Blair (4)
     Counting the number of articles Dennis Harwood (3)
     German spell-checking Dr. Steffen Steinhäuser (0)
     Downloading Templates? Phil Hunter (4)
     Why? this' becomes this ’ David Mozer (3)
     inconsistent treatment of spaces in names Pat Rice (1)
     ftp problems? gilad (3)
     Pure CSS Pop-ups : nice stuff David Mozer (1)
     Hi a comment and a question joshua fletcher (2)
     DHTML problems Kai Jäger (1)
     Grouping articles by date Wade Winningham (3)
     forum possible? Bert (NL) (10)
     how do create text file with all bodies joel goldstick (4)
     Current Version of CityDesk 2.0.20 ? David Mozer (7)
     Publishing pages in W3C standard Dr. Steffen Steinhäuser (4)
     Incremental directory-based publishing? Thompson Marzagao (0)
     field length / size Thomas van Putten (1)
     Bug: Editor trashes raw HTML? Bored Bystander (3)
     Including PHP-Scripts without mess Dr. Steffen Steinhäuser (5)
     New Site Ken McKinney (1)
     keyword in foreach not possible ? Bernd (5)
     I've got the (conditional (blues)) geraldH (5)
     1) change word 2002 French Version into English? Stuart Nimmo (1)
     multi-level navigation Bernd (7)
     Web-ring for CD-pages Dr. Steffen Steinhäuser (5)
     CityDesk Clone for OS X and UNIX People Rick Wagner (6)
     Bug when using external programs Henrik Jernevad ( (4)
     {$between$} with {$odd$} and {$even$} Jeff Kolker (1)
     File counting amos (2)
     Images Chris Rudram (7)
     Make {body} field visible in Access report? Guy Bjerke (2)
     Script to show all the articles except Steph (1)
     problems updating gilad (3)
     Headlines linking to an external url Stephane (3)
     Wow!  I'm speechless. Good Job FogCreek. Richard P (0)
     educational pricing Joshua Fletcher (1)
     String manipulation in cityscript? Elizabeth Grigg (0)
     Cty file corrupted during compacting Alex Chernavsky (9)
     Friend still can't open my site Jim Arter (11)
     Recover Deleted Folder George Illes (7)
     font tags appearing in Teaser Fred Berni (4)
     Two locations cost nearly double web-space Dr. Steffen Steinhäuser (8)
     Why font tags? Timo Virkkala (4)
     color selection, but not for font color Dianne Wandruff (1)
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     how to do this? bret watson (3)
     hmm I feel like a MS product user... bret watson (6)
     bug # 3 - a hat trick! :) bret watson (2)
     second bug from the shift-jis bug.. bret watson (0)
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     Unable to create backup PeterM (3)
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     Ftp error on publish Elizabeth Grigg (6)
     If only IF were more flexible geraldH (5)
     'Enter' key don't work in editing text or HTML Steven B (3)
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     International (well, translated) version of CD Patrik Falk (1)
     Keyboard shortcut for Preview David Watts (4)
     Running CD on a Mac? George Illes (2)
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     Can't upgrade Richard Dooling (1)
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     Parenthesis mess Vlad V. Golovach (3)
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     Variables in scripts TJH (2)
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     I'm trying to archive some articles Dianne Wandruff (5)
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     Check for updates... is broken JaSikor (2)
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     do not publish files Amos (4)
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     Really strange problem with filed date tk (4)
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     Problem with modified date tk (2)
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     The logging s*ks Menno Tillema (6)
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     Button for h1 h2 tags Dan (5)
     If modifiedDate > filedDate David Watts (0)
     can I force my own html code? Don (2)
     "Today" condition based on filed date David Watts (5)
     [feature request] Store site in filesystem instead Matt Quail (6)
     Open .cty with Access S.C. (3)
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     New Blog Template Amos (6)
     copy magic name from search results Pat Rice (1)
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     Article preview refresh Amos (0)
     .aspx file Amos (3)
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     Help File Template B# (6) back up Charles Reich (0)
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     serious bugs? Mike Dixon (10)
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     Automatic breadcrumbs for 2 menu levels Johan Willems (1)
     Sub folders. allisonw (1)
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     hide submenu webmaster (2)
     New: automatic breadcrumbs for FORSSA Patrick Thomas (7)
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     Preview Bug Rahul Singh (2)
     Normal mode STILL mangles HTML! Michael Wild (4)
     (a small) feature request gilad (0)
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     display path webmaster (5)
     CityDesk Developer in Utah Ryan (1)
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     Utilizing fileName Fred Dibnah (1)
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     folder "Test" not found George Illes (2)
     Embedding an MPG - CD mangles tags Yves (13)
     Extra properties and not deleting <a> tags Dan (3)
     No templates = nothing published? Michael Wild (1)
     Feature request: Replace All David Watts (0)
     Variable for "ThisFolder"??? James A. Kennemore, Jr. (5)
     Setting a default Database backup configuration David Watts (0)
     Printable Page Really Anonymous Coward (4)
     Location-specific variables Joe Paradise (3)
     restore simple.css kevin (1)
     Neat Feature John Topley ( (4)
     Table Editor Chad Hower (19)
     Urgent bug in 2.0 Chad Hower (16)
     Multi user Chad Hower (8)
     CD 2.0.19 shutdown using WebTrap David Mozer (1)
     Suggestion: 'Used in' function for templates Duq (3)
     fphover.class Adrie Bouwmeester (1)
     BUG: Template editor trips over single quotes Duq (8)
     install versions 1 and 2 concurrently Dave Navaro (1)
     Limited "replace" gilad (5)
     Using variables in foreach/keywordcontains Martyn Bryan (4)
     Need for more-prominent error messages Alex Chernavsky (2)
     Backup to FTP site Michael Wild (0)
     Kudos due for the new image editor Dan (9)
     Window size inside CityDesk Nicholas Franks (7)
     Open With (again) Tim Jones (4)
     Sound file inclusion Vic (0)
     Expired links not reported David Watts (6)
     database instead of articles Bob Bloom (7)
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     new feature: parameter passing Bob Bloom (1)
     Suggested New Feature Ram Dass (2)
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     Share .cty 's for S.African non-profit sector? Davy (2)
     Minor Buglets 2.0.19 geraldH (1)
     Keywords issue geraldH (10)
     Pasting bug in 2.0.19? geraldH (0)
     What are they doing wrong and do they know it? tk (9)
     Jefferson Middle High? Denis F. (2)
     Changing Templates Robert Moir (9)
     HTML view in all fields... David Metzener (2)
     Large number of articles Vic (7)
     Priority list Jorgen Brenting (6)
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     Compact Site Question Michael Rainey (1)
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     UTF-8 again. geraldH (8)
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     Un-normal normal view Jorgen Brenting (1)
     Wishlist: Save list of publish locations I use Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen (2)
     Wishlist: Default template for folder Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen (5)
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     Publish location isn't displayed without scrolling Alex Chernavsky (5)
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     Entity Translation Not Wanted David Burch (3)
     What do these edit boxes do? Novice User (2)
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     Loops Of Fury geraldH (8)
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     Cute story Troy King (0)
     Feature request: Publish log Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen (5)
     pre / next vars - great but HUGE compile times... vinod v (5)
     Feature request: Extra? john doe (0)
     Design preferences Michel Berkhout (7)
     Breadcrumbs, again geraldH (15)
     Upload changes only using SFTP/SCP? Prasenjeet Dutta (2)
     Some features I'd like to see Jeff Tulley (7)
     UTF-8 and Apache server Stefan Müller (1)
     can't display home page with flash? slok (1)
     Contributor Edition Question Tim Jones (2)
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     Offline Website? Jackson (2)
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     MS Word & CityDesk Problem Dave Moore (1)
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     Archive List George Illes (0)
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     Feedback on CD 2.0.15 Peter (21)
     UI behavior request Israel Orange (0)
     CSS graphic editor David Mozer (6)
     2.0.17: Problem editing with GVIM Sandip Bhattacharya (1)
     [Bug-2.0.17]Text zapped b/w normal and html mode Sandip Bhattacharya (8)
     Enhancing "if" conditionals Scott Blanksteen (4)
     Feature Request:  Sort by Published Date Brian Schkerke (0)
     Bug: 2.0 RC1: Template Properties John Sisk (1)
     Feature Request CRC (9)
     CityDesk triggers corporate vpn software Barry Lapthorn (6)
     CityDesk Designer Wanted Paul Mansour (7)
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     Providing a preview pane Amour Tan (16)
     Add a Bookmark Sari Loumanien (3)
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     RSS feed Menno Tillema (6)
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     Having some trouble john doe (8)
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     Not a CityDesk problem but ... I'm confused tk (3)
     Newbie Question CRC (8)
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     Possible bug: text disappears Menno Tillema (1)
     No Bugs! Israel Orange (0)
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     Updating images Erik Sacre (4)
     CopyBoy 2.0 RC1 Mike Gunderloy (6)
     Not a bug... Israel Orange (2)
     RC1 BUG - formating integrity David Mozer (13)
     What happened to the word counter! John C (5)
     Issue in 2.015: Spell Check performance... Rob Purser (13)
     Bug in 2.015: Render different on <br /> and lists Rob Purser (2)
     Bug in 2.0.15: Delete repeated word leaves space Rob Purser (2)
     release filename request Fredrik Jacobsson (2)
     NY Weather ?? Dave (5)
     Feature Request David Mozer (0)
     Tracking reports? programmer (3)
     go to error (0)
     Search Feature Calem Stein (1)
     Absolute vs. relative paths to images Glenn B. Hansen (1)
     Feature request Israel Orange (4)
     Crash in Beta 2.0.7 Adriaan van den Brand (6)
     BUG: Missing HTML View button in Article Edit Form Israel Orange (4)
     ... "as a parting gift" Mark Major (17)
     OT: Poll service Fredrik Jacobsson (1)
     Possible bug in beta 2.0.7 Israel Orange (3)
     Bug in publish for date? 2.07 tk (0)
     Bug in 2.0.7: reference Menno Tillema (6)
     LImiting Contributor Edition ... (9)
     Boosting keyword usability the variables way Paul Iliano (4)
     Draft/publish article property? Paul Iliano (15)
     Contributer Edition (1)
     Contributor Edition Thomas D (18)
     search tool (not CD related) Fredrik Jacobsson (2)
     Using variables or fields in keyword_contains Jason Buck (3)
     Bless You, Fog Creek! Ryan Orrock (22)
     "citydesk.exe -myfile.cty" (2)
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     What is "<br />" tk (4)
     RSS Feeds John Feinstone (1)
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     Math Fredrik Jacobsson (5)
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     New CD Site Bob Bloom (6)
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     detecting no articles in foreach stmt Bob Bloom (2)
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     lost my .cty file! Bonnie Littleton (4)
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     Bug * WSpell.ocx is not registered correctly. askenazi (1)
     Calendar Michel Berkhout (0) [foldername] only ChasInNapa (6)
     Feature request: quotedattributefields consistency James Roberts (6)
     Reintroduced bug? David Burch (5)
     Inconsistent behavior among similar features David Burch (2)
     Missing Import Folder Option David Burch (2)
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     Limitation on number of articles Mark Major (38)
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     my CD2.0 observations Adriaan van den Brand (5)
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     What you should really do . . . R C (6)
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     CTY file size Chad Z. Hower (11)
     Home or Back Henry Benjamin (4)
     Thanks, Joel Amos (10)
     Fonts Henry Benjamin (1)
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     SP2 released today! Michael Pryor (8)
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     May I give you my money? David Blume (5)
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     Works with IE but not Netscape Keith King (14)
     keep file's modified date not change Jim Chen (0)
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     ftp server Adrian Neuhart (2)
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     Link pages Jim diGriz (1)
     Feature Request: Global Search/Replace Ryan (0)
     Phantom Deletes - FIX PLEASE Chad Z. Hower (5)
     frames Ole Eichhorn (9)
     Support for H1-H6 Chad Z. Hower (0)
     feature request: global find & replace David Brewster (1)
     Opening CD in MS Access Gilles (6)
     List all File, also PDF, XLS etc. in a Folder Emilio (4)
     Cancel Closes Document MarkTAW (0)
     WebLoggign in CityDesk MarkTAW (0)
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     Avoid file deletion when PUBLISH ? Patrick Thomas (2)
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     Miscelaneous Stuff MarkTAW (6)
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     Problems with switch to normal view: ' and " J.Villamarín (0)
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     Feature Request: start article Adriaan van den Brand (3)
     The next version coming soon? tk (1)
     Importing HTML into variables David Walker (6)
     (publishdate) displayable? David Blume (8)
     Feature Request: Sort By MarkTAW (0)
     problem with multilingual sites Vincent Bénard (4)
     multiple dispersed editors? Michael Mee (5)
     Nitpick: Don't jar me David Blume (0)
     Usability Bug: Mutual Exclusivity David Blume (4)
     Feature Req: Reverse Find Again David Blume (0)
     Bug: Sometimes Find misses David Blume (4)
     Feature Requests Tim Sullivan (1)
     Anyone have problems with <TEXTAREA> Tag? Alison Fish (1)
     Feedback/Requests/Bugs/Questions S Marcotte (2)
     Suggested Improvement Michael Martel (0)
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     feature request: abslinks (2) Adriaan van den Brand (5)
     Crashes CityDesk MarkTAW (4)
     404 when publish and redirect conflict ? Patrick Thomas (3)
     Publish articles on server for future? RR (5)
     hide elements contatinig empty {$."field"$}. camilla bonati (1)
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     Access Citydesk data via MS Access Ulf (1)
     Req: Regular expression support in CityScript Dennis Roberts (7)
     CityDesk freezes Andrew Scott (2)
     How about a "save as" feature RR (11)
     My first CityDesk site (source incl.) David Blume (0)
     Feature Req: Redo David Blume (2)
     Complement for foreach loop? David Blume (6)
     Javascript Menu via Patrick's demo ? christophe ducamp (4)
     Updating files in CityDesk Ethan Henry (1)
     Order of Articles on Index Page Gilles (5)
     BUG: Spell Checker (Fogcreek or Wintertree) David Blume (2)
     BUGs: undo trouble (trial version) David Blume (3)
     Somewhat Premature Critique David Blume (1)
     citydesk.xml not uploading Sunday Edokpayi (2)
     Invalid CityDesk syntax? Jen Clifford (3)
     changing index extension Sunday Edokpayi (2)
     HTML view formatting not maintained? David Blume (1)
     Bug in resolving magic names? Pete Riis (2)
     How to change designated template en mass? Dave Fobare (2)
     Possible to rename citydesk.xml? Nathan Silva (7)
     Preventing Linkrot MarkTAW (7)
     simple question-getting date to appear Ron (3)
     .abslink not defined for html/php Adriaan van den Brand (0)
     Feature req: abslinks please Adriaan van den Brand (0)
     Bug: text after image in DIV not P MarkTAW (1)
     BUG: link to unpublished article (404) Adriaan van den Brand (3)
     index.html: preview but don't publish Patrick Thomas (1)
     Importing a CD site into CD Jorgen Brenting (9)
     index.html vs Index.html Neil Attard (3)
     'Welcome to Citydesk' Iain Forsyth (1)
     BUG: Crash if unbalanced {} Adriaan van den Brand (0)
     BUG: ctrl-r in HTML view Adriaan van den Brand (0)
     Install Problem on Win2k server Iain Forsyth (5)
     Feature req. for DISCUSS.FOGCREEK.COM Javier Jarava (5)
     Multi Language Issue ozgur (2)
     Alt-Tab revisited Bill Dawson (2)
     .cty file for navigation at tk's Adriaan van den Brand (1)
     In the Spell Checker David Ness (4)
     UI issues MarkTAW (0)
     My first CityDesk site get a redo tk (0)
     w3c compliance Christophe Ducamp (France) (6)
     Feature requests Cody Hatch (1)
     A couple problems with editing HTML Cody Hatch (3)
     Archives Jared Levy (5)
     String functions? Dave Fobare (0)
     Extras Tab - Available in HTML View? Dave Fobare (2)
     Publishing from the command line Rik (1)
     Unique article ID? Steve M (4)
     "Printer ready" Steven C. Den Beste (4)
     CityDesk index.htm page Alberto Trivulzio (3)
     Error when editing html files Nuno Mendes (1)
     Examples of newspapers/magazines using CD? Ron (8)
     ftp and preview impossible Christophe Ducamp (France) (3)
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     Getting teaser shown for each top level link Paul Iliano (2)
     Export pages from citydesk 'unmerged' David Brewster (3)
     Where am I? Navigation Tim Colson (3)
     change the home page of a multilanguage site camilla bonati (5)
     Hangs during publish/vanishing HTML Nick Delany (4)
     File naming problem Nick Delany (4)
     ftp / publish : could not delete file Christophe Ducamp (France) (2)
     Q:  Numeric part of file names John "Akatsukami" Braue (4)
     Can I torn off "Published by Fog Creek Software" Marshall Harrison (25)
     Could we get more templates... Gabriel Meza (0)
     Feature Request: See Article Info on Main Pane Ryan (0)
     Feature Request: Select Multiple Article and ... Ryan (0)
     Feature Req: HTML Editor for teaser, Extras, etc Toby Allen (3)
     CityDesk Upgrade information Darren ANdrews (6)
     feature request - Edit as HTML for all fields Philippe Back (1)
     Proxy Servers Toby Allen (4)
     bug: link forces "." at end of name Brian St. Pierre (1)
     how does user download files from my site? David Podger (3)
     Website Hosting Gilles (6)
     `Size' of site? David Ness (6)
     Feature request: .magicname Adriaan van den Brand (0)
     Import web page does not fix javascript links Adriaan van den Brand (4)
     Dynamic forms with CityScript and HTML Adriaan van den Brand (1)
     Can't do picture properties in sidebar tk (2)
     Limit to size of CTY file? Frank Mair (4)
     Feature Request: Undo/simple version control Adriaan van den Brand (1)
     Q: Magic Name File Links in External Editor MarkTAW (2)
     Must-Have Feature Request: Select Multiple Files Ryan (3)
     Feature request: customizable properties Adriaan van den Brand (2)
     CityDesk mentioned in SDTimes Joel Spolsky (3)
     {$x.headline$} link in Index.html Gilles (2)
     Recreating .CTY file? Duncan Fitzgerald (9)
     Template Distribution in LAN ? Patrick Thomas (4)
     Image Boarders Andrew Scott (2)
     Today I needed Italics in a headline tk (7)
     Great tool! Adriaan van den Brand (1)
     Feature Wish: Editing Articles Ryan (1)
     feature request: HTML variable editor Adriaan van den Brand (7)
     Feature request: clear errors cityscript Adriaan van den Brand (3)
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     Repeat Publishing Revisited Mark W (1)
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     Feature Request: Table View Mark W (3)
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     Pro Edition Question Mark W (9)
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     Orphaned File Finder Mark W (5)
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     NOt able to view page off of published cty file Ben Meiry (7)
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     Future Enhancement Request: "Repeat Publishing" Ben Meiry (5)
     Future Enhancement Request: Import from Excel Ben Meiry (8)
     Suggestion for Incremental Page Parsing Ben Meiry (5)
     MFR: simple integrated to-do list Patrick Thomas (2)
     Save or Save and Close? - survey! Joel Spolsky (14)
     NYC-AREA User Group? Ben Meiry (3)
     Trouble with FTP TK (4)
     sorting problem Debra Weiss (2)
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     Dual screen support Peter Kropf (4)
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     Bug: trailing spaces on P's Maury Markowitz (0)
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     Change log makes automatic Last Modified. Chris Farmer (3)
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     Changing font type? Yek Soon (2)
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     trivial typo in help file u d a y  i v a t u r y (1)
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