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"Replace" buggy in CityDesk 2?

When I use the "Replace" function in the HTML view of the template editor, it does not work properly;

"Replace All" just seems to replace the next instance of the string.

At the end of a file, "Replace" does not loop back to the beginning of the file or offer any kind of prompt to suggest that there may be more instances above. It just says that it cannot find the string. This is more of a feature request than a bug, but given the way "Replace All" misbehaves, it is a bit unsettling.

Does anyone else encounter this or is something weird happening to me?

CD Starter Edition 2.0.19, Build 20030825A
Win 2000 SP4, with upgraded script engine 5.6

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I have seen the same behavior.  A work around is to place the cursor at the very top of the file before the replace operation--but the behavior is annoying.

David Burch
Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Oh Dear! I was hoping it was just me! I really like the software and the concept, and I was about to recommend it to a number of my clients.

However, if something as simple as the "Replace All" command doesn't work, I will look rather silly recommending it to people.

I guess the workaround is to use a different editor, but I think a bug like this will leave a bad taste in peoples mouths.

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

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