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my V3 Wishlist

I wish I wish I wish... I wish I were a cat. But since I can't have that, I'll wish for features in V3.

- I would like to be able disable Unicode and work with good ol' HTML entities as God intended me to do.

- I would like to be able to work with straight HTML tags within the properties and extras fields. The way it is, my code keeps getting mangled.

- I would like to be able to switch between HTML and WYIWYG mode with a keyboard shortcut. And I don't want to have to worry about mangled code anymore.

- I would like to be able to insert a "magic cookie" to my sidebar which would randomly link to one page within a set of conditions. This way readers can explore other sections of the site.

- I like to link to related articles on my site. I would love to automate this, probably through keywords.

- Apply one template to several articles at once (without having to buy an additional product). Apply changes to properties or Extras fields to a selected number of article.

- Customizable keyboard shortcuts.

- One-click breadcrumbs with configurable delimiters. I.e. mySite / thisSection / thisPage -- or -- mySite > thisSection > thisPage -- or -- mySite >> thisSection >> thisPage

- I would like images to retain their original file names when published.

- I would like to be allowed to add more extra fields (instead of just being able to remove them). I keep running out of them and end up having to repurpose the Author field of the Properties tab.

Actually, this is the one thing I fervently wish for in V2: No more Normal/HTML View troubles.

The whole thing seems to be caused by MSFT's accursed DHTML control. This control has been used in the HTML Editor HomeSite with similar effect (broken tags, lots of tears) which eventually resulted in the latest versions of HomeSite again being without WYISWYG mode. The maker of SpiderWriter seems to have run into a similar problem.

I realize that you will probably not be able to write your own WYSIWYG view because of the high development cost (I've read your articles on ROI, Joel). Can't you get the HTML control used by SoftQuad? That was a good parser/fixer. Or maybe the Composer component from the Mozilla project? There must be something better than Microsoft's li'l DHTMeviL component.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Joel: At this point when I press the "normal view" button, CD passes the code from HTML view to the DHTML control after going through a BS parser/fixer of your own making. When I press "HTML view", CD takes the output from the DHTML control, strips extraneous stuff (such as <html><head>etc.) with its fixer/tag stripper/lint and stuff its into the source view window.

And sometimes, chaos ensues.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Maybe your chance of becoming a cat is better, but I share your wishes (the others that is). I'm pretty sure some company will eventually make them into reality. Let's hope that company is Fog Creek.

Jorgen Brenting
Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I'd like there to be 3 keyword fields tied to an editable list so users don't have to remember what they are.

I'd like folders to be objects with properties.

I'd like to be able to call images directly into an article for easy gallery display.

I'd like there to be an easier way to share content-creation over the internet.

I'd like the variable window dynamic so I can keep it open and work on other things at the same time.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Articles that know where they are... Know what folder they're in, and have some sense of hierarchy, i.e. know whether they're in "Sports" or "Local News" and even more, if they're in "Local News > Human Interest"

AND without changing the template i.e. with one template per site can:

Modify the navigation, i.e. "Local News" appears bold.

Create a breadcrumb: Main > Local News > Human Interest > Article Title

Pull in related articles.

Pull in different HTML (again, only one template, but pulls in "Local News" at the top of the page).

I can think of a few ways to do this, but I'd really have to think through to which was the most elegant before I could make any suggestions.

Mark T A W .com
Wednesday, October 1, 2003

"- I would like images to retain their original file names when published."

This happens for me already...?

John Topley (
Wednesday, October 1, 2003

* import articles, variables, templates from another cty file

* ForEach x in the current folder, and in all subfolders of the current folder...

* edit articles in external editor (for me, frontpage) and forget about normal view completely

* keyword pick list, including description of what keyword is

* case statements (IF condition THEN statements ELSE... ELSE...

* ability to use access flat files, and CityScript that lets me, essentially, use SELECT statements on them. This would really help me with contacts, links to other urls

* true log files when ftp'g


Bob Bloom
Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Bob Bloom :re "edit articles in external editor (for me, frontpage) and forget about normal view completely"

Correct me if I'm wrong -- but is not CityDesk a Content Management System and is not normal view designed for "users" who do not want to know squat didly about HTML? From my perspective normal view works AND I suspect that it works just like the author intended it to work. Plus you, as a developer can ignore normal view without batting an eyelid. Now I do admit that I would like to see *much* better Normal View integration with MS Word 

insofar as the rest of your list -- I like those suggestions very much -- especially for people who like to dig deep. :-) Access does have a very nice query engine.

David Mozer
Wednesday, October 1, 2003


Nice reply, thanks!

Want to design a template in FP? Right click the template name, and presto "Edit in FrontPage".

Just add the same right click feature for articles too.

Word completely sucks as an HTML editor, I have no idea where MS gets off with the code they put in. Any copy-paste directly from Word goes in as-is, devil be damned! Otherwise, I copy-paste to notepad. Then copy-paste to FP. Then copy tags to CD. Ughhh!

I'm heartened that so many other users on this discussion group have kvetched about CD's Normal View.

It would be convenient to have the right click feature!


Bob Bloom
Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Bob :re " have no idea where MS gets off with the code they put in."

FYI, the following is WHY MS puts in the code in that they do [and I happen to agree 100% with the methodology that Microsoft uses -- yes I am very much a Microsoft supporter ... ]

[When you create an HTML document in Office, Office-specific markup tags are embedded in it. These tags help "round-trip" the document for editing purposes. For example, if you create the document in Word 2000 and save it as HTML, the code embedded in the document allows you to re-open the document in Word 2000 and use the same features you originally used to create the page.]

For end-users ["round-tripping"] is exactly the right way to do it ... And when it comes to *enabling* John [Mary] Q Public no-one does it better than Microsoft ... :-)

Having been in the IT/IS/IM world for as long as I have [25+ years] Microsoft has done more to *enable* the end-user -- over the past 11 years [1992 to present] than ALL the other pretenders have done *combined* for the past 60 years.

David Mozer
Wednesday, October 1, 2003

* Ability for a user to maintain tables/ tabular data on a per-article basis within CityDesk.

* Extended scripting e.g. for loops, enhanced usage of variables etc.

* More support for segragation of "content management" vs. "design" functions. E.g., an "Apply Design" feature to apply new/ changed design features to an existing .cty file with content.

Friday, October 3, 2003


But Microsoft makes it impossible to create an accessible HTML site using MS Word:  All the font sizes are hard-coded preventing the end user from changing the font size.

David Burch
Thursday, October 16, 2003

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