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Publish location renaming

I created a publish location and named it, say "alexisbledel".

Then I try to rename it as "AlexisBledel" and it won't work. Why not? Because it checks that there is already an "alexisbledel" and publish location names must be unique. Obviously CityDesk does case-insensitive matching.

So I just cannot change the case of some characters in my publish location names unless I change it to "alexisbledel1" and then change it back to "AlexisBledel".

This is not the software is supposed to do. And I guess very easy to fix.

There is another little thing. The location of the "Learn more" link is not consistent. Sometimes it is on the top(in the Templates window) but sometimes at the bottom (in, well, the publish locations window). Maybe it is intentional, just think it can be better to be consistent.

So far I am quite happy with the software. Well done.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

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