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VPN and multi-blogging

I'm looking to start a blog with multiple contributors from different
places.  Doing this is addressed in

But I'm still puzzled.  Let me fill out the scenario.  "Adam" has a
commercial site that posts news, commentary and links.  (He's a Drudge
wannabe.)  I'm a contributor to his site.  He invited me to blog on
his site.  I couldn't commit to posting frequently enough to make it
doable.  But if he had some other contributors, we could do a joint
blog, a la the Volokh Conspiracy (, Family Scholars
(, or National Review's 'The Corner'
(  I volunteered to buy
the blogging software and I'm shopping here at Fog Creek.

He hosts his site on his own machine, with broadband access of course.
I have broadband access at home and work.  Cost is not likely to be
the deciding factor in the approach we choose.

The guide says that remote users should come in over a Virtual Private
Network.  How expensive is that, and how much of a hassle?  Also, I'd
like to post occaisionally from my desk at my Real Job, and I can't
see them letting me install a VPN. 

What's the right way to do this?  Could I (and the other contributors)
login (over telnet or ssh) to Adam's machine and compose and post on
his machine?

Blog Shopper
Thursday, September 18, 2003

Hire a Professional and they can provide you with all the proper steps needed to do VPN over the Internet.

If all the blogers are MS Windows users [Win98, WinMe, Win 2000Pro, WinXP] and the blog.cty file resides on a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 Server the process to VPN is very straight forward -- for a professional its no hassle -- for a novice its certainly can be a hassle -- some novices however do exercise quality gray mater and for them its not as much of a hassle. For the smarter novices if you go the and do a search on How do I VPN you'll get lots a good material.

If it’s a mix of clients [win95, win98, winMe etc] and the server is whatever it is doing VPN can be one big hassle for everyone concerned.

David Mozer
Thursday, September 18, 2003

I have DSL, but no static IP address.  So I had to set up a VPN to my home computer using the following three things:

1) annual subscription to (you download a small TZO client which runs constantly and tells the TZO server your current IP address.  You get a name from TZO like: which will very reliably map to your current ip address.

2) I bought the Linksys BEFSX41 Router that allows 2 concurrent VPN clients (and has a built in firewall and some other stuff...)

3) I bought SafeNet SoftRemote for my laptop.


Once I configured everything and saved the configuration in SoftRemote, all I need is to have my laptop connected to the internet anywhere then click connect, and it works.

As for the specifics on setting it up, I found all the steps on the Linksys Knowledge base.

Charles Reich
Thursday, September 18, 2003

Isn't it a hard and difficult to implement solution? The offering of free and commercial server side blogging software based in PHP, Perl, Java, etc is huge, why not choose one of them?

It looks like you are using the wrong tool for the problem...

Aníbal Rojas
Thursday, September 18, 2003

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