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V3 features


Your warning about future versions using a different db schema is good news, as you're obviously contemplating big improvements to CD.

Can you let us in on what you're contemplating for V3?

Are you still aiming for Dec 2003 (or earlier) release?


Bob Bloom
Friday, September 12, 2003

Something that would be useful to me is *.cty-wide control.  For example, a global Find as well as Find/Replace.  Or, let's say you're using three different templates, and you want to change the template association on specific articles.  Currently, you must open each article and change the association under Properties.  A global command to do such a thing would be a HUGE time saver.

George Illes
Friday, September 12, 2003

Bob Bloom :re "Joel, Your warning about future versions using a different db schema is good news"

Can you please post a link to "Your warning ..."? Thanks.

Joel,  it would be nice to see fog creek post a file that describes:
1. new features that *will* be in V3
2. new features that we hope *may* be in V3
3. features that may need to be pushed out to V4

David Mozer
Saturday, September 13, 2003


See CD News, .


Bob Bloom
Sunday, September 14, 2003

The aforementioned KB article contains the following item:

"You can open any table in Microsoft in Design Mode to see comments and a description of the meaning of each field."

My guess is that it's supposed to say " Microsoft Access..."

Just thought I'd point that out.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Of course, the usual caveat applies: "everything I say is by definition a promise" and therefore I don't say much about the future.

However... the current plan of record is as follows.

The next release will probably be German CityDesk. We hope to have a translator working within the next week or so on the new string table and then we can release that. At the same time we will be able to give key partners a "CityDesk Localization Kit" in case anyone wants to make any other languages even before we get around to it.

PS: if you are a native German speaker, and would like to help us choose a translator by reviewing some sample translations submitted by our candidates, please email me ASAP. Thanks :)

Independently of the Germanization project, we're planning to simply stuff as many neat improvements into the next few months as possible. The more improvements we can do, the better, but the goal of releasing at the end of this year will not change. So it's hard to say exactly which or how many features will make it by the deadline.

What kind of features are we considering? Heck, if you're reading this, you know as well as I do the kind of feedback people have been giving us about CityDesk 1.0 and 2.0. We'll bite of the things with the most bang for the buck, one at a time, and see how many of them we can do in time.

Keep sending us your feedback and feature suggestions. I admit that in most cases we've already heard them, but the more you tell us what's important the better we'll be able to prioritize features.

Something to keep in mind, when you suggest a feature, though: try to tell me the problem you're trying to solve that CityDesk doesn't solve well. That makes it better to for us to design the optimal features that solve the problems you're actually having, rather than trying to guess from the feature suggestions what the problem is.

For example, you could tell me "I'd like a way of automatically generating new articles once a month according to a standard template." Or you could tell me, "I'm trying to make monthly archive pages for my blog." In the latter case I understand a lot more about what you're trying to do, and I can design a feature that handles exactly that brilliantly. A blog archive feature. It would probably be easier to use and more suited to your needs if I designed it that way than if I just took your original suggestion about automatically generating articles once a month.

all the best, Joel

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, September 18, 2003

Thanks Joel for the clear explanation. I think a lot of people, myself included, most of all want to se the normal view / html view issue fixed first. I appreciate your efforts so far, but it only seems to have made certain things worse than they already were. I personally could live well with a solution that involved "never look at certain types of code in normal view" or something to that effect. But a "never use normal view at all" is too much in a program that is supposed to make life easier for the user. Go ahead, write the html the way it works best, but do not never ever remove my code without warning. Write html in one solid block if necessary. I don't care. If, in certain pages, white space etc. is important to me I already know not to use normal view.
As it is now normal view is almost certain to ruin ones pages sooner or later and that's a bit against the whole idea behind CityDesk imho. Yes I can stick to html and use preview only, but it doesn't make me like CD. Somehow though I'm confident that version 3 will turn out to be far better than the beta-like v2. I can't wait.

Jorgen Brenting
Friday, September 19, 2003

I second that emotion.

Add "edit article with FrontPage" (Word, etc), just as you have for templates. This saves me cut-paste.

Joel, thanks for responding, and Shana Tova!

Bob Bloom
Monday, September 29, 2003

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