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Suggestion: enhance the "if" statement

A suggestion: would you please consider adding an enhancement to the {$if$} statement that will operate on the presence of keywords?

{$ if keyword(mainpage) $}
.... do stuff if an article has mainpage as a keyword...
{$ else $}
.... do stuff if the article doesn't have it...
{$ endif $}

With this, I could use just one template and one CSS, and then add text only on one specific page (text that I only want on the front page).

Or is there a clever way I can do that now?

PS, My apologies if this has been asked before - you can't search on "if".

David Watts
Tuesday, September 9, 2003

... I miss that feature too ...

Urs Geppert
Friday, September 12, 2003

... and so do I.
Even a set of extra fields (extra3, extra4 etc) that could only be set to "yes" or "no" (i.e. checkboxes) would be terrific. In fact it might be better, since the keywords field wouldn't have to be parsed and the user wouldn't have to remember what keyword produced what result.
If you implemented this system the designer could name the checkbox fields e.g. "include Widget with this article" and then the author could tick the box.
You can use currently blank/nonblank for conditionals, but only at the expense of eating up your extra fields.
My guess is that the processing overhead may be why we don't have a larger number of extra fields. Yes/no extra fields would presumably help to keep that problem manageable.
I would be interested to hear what options (if any) the Fog Creek team are looking at for dealing with this problem.

David Walker
Thursday, October 16, 2003

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