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CD 2.0.19 shutdown using WebTrap

I use Trend Micro antiVirus software "PC-cillin 2002. Yesterday for some reason I decided to "turn on" WebTrap - whose purpose is to filter malicious Java and ActiveX programs from entering my computer.

I was happily working in a CD Article using HTML View moving stuff around when all of a sudden strange things began to happen; I had a hard time controlling my cursor; pasting stuff in then switching to Normal View then switching back to HTML View the stuff I pasted in was gone; IN HTML View inserting a blank space using the space bar would shutdown CD completely... I could go on and on to describe more weird stuff. In one session I got a CD message that some "components were not registered" .

To make a long story shorter, I mentally began tracing back what I had done that may have been different that day over other days ... and the only thing that was different was that I had enabled "WebTrap".

OK, I disabled "WebTrap" and low and behold CD was again behaving the way I was expecting it too.

I am posting this message as a PSA just in case You are using some AntiVirus Software that has services that may not be fully compatible with CD ... consequently You should do some testing to make sure that its not a CD issue. In my situation I really do not need WebTrap so not turning it on was a not a problem --  In thinking about why I had turned WebTrap on in the 1st place ... I just wanted to see if that service would be effective for some sites that I know had malicious stuff.

David Mozer
Sunday, September 7, 2003

I always have webtrap on.. and never had probelms.. but now it saying that webtrap is having a error and freezing my computer!! and it happens every time i go on to internet explorer... should i turn webtrap off??

Sunday, December 28, 2003

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