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Kudos due for the new image editor

Photoshop it may not be, but the image editor is so cool.

I am putting together some notes for the author of their new site, and having seen their struggles to understand how they were meant to upload a thumbnail and the fullsize image on their site's old incarnation, CityDesk is a breeze.

No lessons required in Paint Shop or other. Just scale and crop and get on with it!

Kudos Fog Creek.

Thursday, September 4, 2003

I upgraded from the previous Home version, but I don't see how to launch the image editor. I see the image viewer, and that's what I get when I double click on an image.

Could it be becuase I upgraded rather than uninstalled the old version then installed the new version?

David Watts
Thursday, September 4, 2003

Dan :re "No lessons required in Paint Shop or other. Just scale and crop and get on with it!"

AMEN! Keep it simple for the end-user.

And for people like me CityScript to have the same power as VB for applications :-)

David Watts :re "how to launch the image editor"

Just double click on your image file contained within your CD file and the image editor opens automatically.

David Mozer
Thursday, September 4, 2003

One would have to add that the Image Editor does not work on GIF files, JPG or PNG only. That might the source of the confusion.



PS: Funny though, as I thought that Leadtek components would be able to crop and, especially, scale (with "smoothing" first in RGB format) GIF files too. But I may be mistaken...

Patrick Thomas
Thursday, September 4, 2003

Forgot to add: Image Editor = Great Feature! Thank you FC! Finally another feature not primarily geared to developers but helping "normal users" :-)



PS: Must be a though balance to please the "technical crowd" and the bloggers active on this forum while at the same time not to forget the possibly "silent" majority (= less feedback) which simply want a nice-looking website which is easy to maintain.

Patrick Thomas
Thursday, September 4, 2003

The reason the image editor doesn't allow you to edit GIF files is that you need to obtain a license from Unisys because they have a patent on the format. Even though the patent has expired in the USA, it still has another year or so to go in Europe, after which we'll allow you to edit GIFs.

Most of the really big graphics software companies have the energy and money to negotiate a license with Unisys. We just encourage people to use PNG which is better than GIF (more colors) and patent-free.

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, September 4, 2003

Patrick & David, thanks for the replies. The reason I wasn't seeing the image editor functions was that I was working on GIF files. Thanks for the pointer.

David Watts
Thursday, September 4, 2003

Just tried it. Very handy.
The reason I'd never seen the image editor was because I deal with all my images within the article view.
How about being able to open the image editor from there?

Richard Wood
Friday, September 5, 2003

Did you know you can paste an image from the clipboard into CityDesk's main window?

This is a handy way to get screen shots:

(1) press the Print Screen key to get the whole screen, or Alt+PrtSc to get the current window
(2) go to CityDesk's main window and select a folder
(3) Edit/Paste

Now you have a Clipboard.PNG file. Use the built-in editor to crop or scale it, and rename it to something memorable.

You can also cut and paste pictures from other image processing applications.

Joel Spolsky
Friday, September 5, 2003


he, he, he ... Way cool :-)))

Saturday, September 6, 2003

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