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Securing a Folder - How to do this?


I am planning to have part of my site restricted to users that have username/password.

I was wondering if any posters has done this with CityDesk and have tips on the best way to do this?


Ram Dass
Monday, September 1, 2003
Monday, September 1, 2003

Another neat way is using phpSecurepages ( ). Basically you add a snippet of php to the top of each html file/article that you want protected. Then you create your list of user/password combos in one of the config files. Anytime someone tries to access a page with the snippet of php at the top of it it requests their username & password. The way I use it is I have a template with the php snippet in it & I use that template whenever I need a page to be password protected.

Israel Orange
Tuesday, September 2, 2003

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