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Gold or Beta?

Well despite a host of problems I'm still trying to merge two old CD1 sites into one new CD2 site. This seems to be an almost impossible task (at least to me).
The first site is easily converted (with almost all the interesting errors and "specialities" reported here by others over the past few months). But for good reasons there is no way to merge the second site in so importing files seems to be the right solution.
Only: Importing files if not as straight forward as the manual says. I've tried all the combinations that the CD2 menu allows, but only the first few lines (the exact number varies) survives to the CD2 file. The only way around seems to be to create the new file first, open it, go to html view, deleting what might be in there, and only then INSERT the file in question.
Not that big an issue perhaps, but added to all the other small, and not so small, issues it adds to the impression that the Gold version is not yet 24 carat. It has some great features (that's why I'm still struggling with it) but with all due respect I think that Beta would be a more honest label than Gold. That would prepare users in advance while we wait for the version that really shines.

Jorgen Brenting
Monday, September 1, 2003

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