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HTML view in all fields...

I'm finding it more and more necessary to edit fields in HTML other than the body field. Since I can't currently, I'm finding myself creating variables for start and end tags to put around items in the field.

I am a CSS nut, so I really don't like CD's "font" tags.

Any chance a future version could have the ability to edit HTML in all the fields?

Also, it would be nice to use the insert picture/link toolbar buttons while in HTML mode. Just because I link control over my pages doesn't mean I dislike convenience. :)

David Metzener
Saturday, August 30, 2003

This is another goodie I would like for  convenience, an automatic thumbnail maker like in Frontpage, where you set the size you want in the options, (once, not each time), usable from within the article. Insert photo, select, press button, thumbnail and link to large photo all in one click. (The large photo is opened in a blank page)

Or, in the meantime, make the little photo editor remember your scale setting, I never scale a photo to 100%.

Ron Lane
Sunday, August 31, 2003

This has me thinking back to some ideas I'd had a while back. If you could attach some meta data to your documents, you could build something like a knowledge base, or like a driver repository. The example I was thinking of was ibm's support website.

Well if you could do that with images as well, CityDesk could create a photo album type site. Though I know that's not it's bread & butter application. But if the photo was attached to the article, it could crop it for the teaser on the homepage, and show a mid sized version in line in the article, and click for the full sized version.

Maybe CityDesk 7 when they run out of really good features & just start taking requests.
Sunday, August 31, 2003

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