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Un-normal normal view

I've been trying to move some templates from CD1 to CD2, but everything got mixed up completely after I had switched from html view to normal view to fix some links. By "everything" I mean everything. Whole sections disappeared – including the head and the new "include" with the body definition. A form that had been working perfectly for more than a year suddenly got mixed up with a lot of tables coming out of nowhere. The left hand section which used to be in a td of its own suddenly showed up at the bottom of the page in a new row. To make it all perfect the page got a brand new body definition from nowhere and no less than two body-end tags like this: </body></html></body>

I repeated this three times just to make sure that it wasn't me doing something foolish. Unfortunately it wasn't.

If I didn't switch views the template worked perfectly. Nothing wrong in the code department.

The lesson being: Do not switch from html to normal view.
But how do one insert new links then? (Yes I know. It can be done. But not easily.)

Right now it's hard to trust CD2 with a large site that has been functioning well in CD1

Jorgen Brenting
Thursday, August 28, 2003


Sorry about that. We'd like to fix this but we need to see the exact HTML that causes the problem. If you can send us (email is fine) the exact HTML that gets changed when you switch into Normal View I can study it and see what's causing the problem.

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, August 28, 2003

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