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Some features I'd like to see

I'd like to see the following features in CityDesk:
1) Copy and paste of articles.  Then I can create an article that more or less is in the format that I want to have on our site, and a contributor could simply reuse that easier without having to redo as much stuff manually.
2) Multiple select of articles.  If I am moving a large block of articles from one folder to the next, this gets tedious doing it one at a time.
3) Import of files as articles.  I can import HTML files, but if I could import files as articles, this would greatly speed up bringing an existing website completely into an existing system.
4) Nested templates -- I have one templates for actual articles, one for the main page, and they both have a common site "look & feel", so if I change a navigation in one template I need to remember to change it in the other.  If the article and main page templates only include rules about the body of the page, and the main site template has the look and feel, and both are applied to every page, this task would be easier.  I realize this may make the user interface way to complex, but if there is a simple way to do this, that would be great.  Maybe simply nest them in the "Templates" view and that is it.  That is fairly simple and intuitive.


Jeff Tulley
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Jeff, you can copy and past whole articles. I do it every day for the same reasons as you. Select the article, Ctrl-C to copy it ,and Ctrl-V to paste it where you need it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Hi Jeff!

Thanks for the feature requests. A couple of these things can already be done with CityDesk:

(1) You can copy and paste articles. But don't you want to use a template for all the stuff that is the same from article to article, instead of making your users copy it every time? The CityDesk advantage is that the only thing that goes into an article is whatever is unique for that article.

(2) agreed!

(3) There's an add-in for CityDesk called CopyBoy which does this. Which is not to say that CityDesk shouldn't. The hardest part about importing articles is that you really only want the unformatted text of the existing web page to go into the body, you don't want the whole, formatted web page.

(4) You can use variables or the {$ include $} statement to get the effect of nested templates. In the case of navigation, you can use CityScript to generate all the navigation lists automatically and then it will automatically be updated whenever you add a new article.

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Thanks for the info.  When you say I can already copy and paste articles, do you mean while I'm editing it?  I want to do it from the main view.  Maybe I just didn't try doing it using the keyboard.  (It wasn't in the right-click menu).  I also tend to use the older copy and paste keys, ctrl-insert and shift-insert, I'll try ctrl-v, ctrl-c when I get home where I've got CD installed.

I cannot completely use the article format for some of the stuff I'm creating.  I'm creating trip sheets for a mountaineering club, that contain a whole lot more data than I can adapt the article fields to support.  I'm coming from an XML templating system that has a lot more information in it, but need to move to CD so that others besides me, the creator of the XML system can easily add articles.  But, I don't want the look and feel of the trip sheets to quickly degenerate.  One nice thing about them now is they all look very much the same.  is an example trip sheet.  (hopefully this won't be a dead link after I post the CD version of the site; many things will be moving around then...)

For importing articles, I'll try out Copy Boy.  I don't care if I get the whole web page -- I will go manually adapt it to the article format later.  Anything to speed up the import of my site will be nice.

On nested templates, I suspected that maybe {$ include $} would be sufficient, I just haven't yet learned how to use that.  Thanks for the info!

My navigation is not meant to be dynamic, unless I want to restructure the folders in my site to make it so, but I don't think that would be as intuitive.

Thanks for your responses.

Jeff Tulley
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

ok, I surrounded that url with a space like the comment said to do, and the space became part of the url, and made it bad!  here it is again:

Jeff Tulley
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I'd like to see those features too.

David Burch
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

In case this helps others with future needs:
So I ended up having to do the nested templates with variables for the following reasons
1) I could not figure out how to get {$ include $} to include another template (only stuff in my folders).  This might be possible, I just might not now how.
2) If I included an article called "SiteHeader", CD went in and stripped out all of my <html> and <head> stuff.  I cannot have that.(in retrospect, maybe I should have set my settings on this article differently, namely the template used by it).
3) If I included an html file called "SiteHeader" I almost have what I want, except I cannot use article variables; namely using {$ .headline $} in my page's title.

Variables worked like I'd expect them to, just a less rich editing environment, but that is fine.

Jeff Tulley
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Yeah, simply switching to "Normal View" of an article strips out all <head> type of elements.  This is "Works as Designed", I'm sure.  Setting the template to "none" doesn't stop this behavior. (I had a brief thought that it might, for some reason).

Jeff Tulley
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

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