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can't display home page with flash?

I'm trying to import a home page that has flash embedded.

On CD2, I tried doing a import but it is not able to display it in "Normal View".

How can I view it in "Normal View" so that users can update some of the wordings or links on the homepage.

FYI, the site is

The users wanted to update the wordings on the "What's New" section.


Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I would use a template to separate the overall page design, which you don't want people changing, including the flash, from the text that endusers are supposed to edit. Then all your flash stuff, navigation, etc., is in a template and the only thing in the "index" article itself is the things that users are supposed to be able to change.

(Indeed if you are letting people edit a list of links, the real "citydesk" way to do it would be to make a LINKS folder to which they add and remove things, then include a {$foreach$} loop on the index template that lists the contents of that folder.)

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

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