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Ideas for improving the preview window.

When hitting preview, it does some processing (i.e. publishes locally), then stops with just a "Done"
message.  I then have to hit a different preview button to actually preview the site - surely thats what I asked for the first time?

Its kinda related to your own article at  :)
Yes, I know its a chance to select the "Preview with" execuable, but that could be done on the first button.

There also needs to be a option to set the default "Preview with".  I'm bored of changing it from "Internet Explorer" already  :)

I would like to be able to edit the "Preview on this computer" file location.  That way I can hardcode the preview filecopy directory to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\, and set up a "Preview with" executable as iexplorer with the parameters
to view the full site properly (for testing php).  Editing the other "Preview on this computer" would be useful too - for example to run an external program after generating the preview.

An extension to that idea would be to add a second "preview with" parameter, %2, which could just contain the relative URL of the page being previewed (as opposed to the full URL of %1).  So that way I can automatically preview the correct page by changing the parameters to

OK, I admit these changes are suited towards the more "advanced" user  :)  But I'm sure many people here would find it useful.

Paul T
Saturday, August 23, 2003

Your ideas are excellent - I hope Fogcreek implement them.

Like you, I have a local server & PHP set up and it would be great to be able to use preview easily.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

I certainly would appreciate those changes very much. I too have that configuration. I can't understand whyt I havent thought of asking that before. =)

Henrik Jernevad
Monday, August 25, 2003

I thought I would search for this suggestion first and I found it here.

I am trying CityDesk out, and although it wouldnt stop me using it necessarily, it certainly is a possible barrier.

I have said preview, so thats what I want. I shouldnt have to choose Preview twice. I dont care to see the window showing nothing on it, I dont care to click a button.

I only have one browser so I dont even need to choose it, but I still have to click the button.

Please, please implement this in a minor update rather than wait for v3. It shouldnt take too long to add a checkbox (automatically show in default browser).

Dan Petitt
Friday, September 12, 2003

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