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Maybe off-topic: CityDesk-like product for Linux?


I love CityDesk and I use it on my windows pc's and recommend it to everyone who needs a easy-to-use client-based CMS.

On of my (hopefully) future clients has a linux-based pc-setup, and I was wondering if there is a product similar to CityDesk for the linux platform? I need to be able to do scripts and to preview the site on the client-pc before publishing it to the web-server. Also, a nice WYSIWYG editor interface would be nice.

I'm not expecting to find a "CityDesk for Linux" but do you know of something that comes close (or not to far away)?


Glenn B. Hansen
Saturday, August 23, 2003

Nothing similar.

Alternatives: zope, drupal, php-nuke...

The php-nuke is the more "easy" to have running in 20 minutes. (its php+mysql).

Zope works with python and whatever sgdb (mysql, postgresql, and so). Its really powerful, but you need an "advanced" level. (i suppose this is not a problem for a linux guru :)

Drupal is another content management system. I have dont tested it.

Robert Cappa
Saturday, August 23, 2003

There are a number of linux comand line based tools that provide features that are similar to CD. The problem is that they have a steep learning curve, and are not nearly as easy to use. The linux based programs were similar to some of the old text processing tools like runoff (shudder).

I wish I could give you a program name to look for, but it escapes me.

Robert Pawlak ( )
Saturday, August 23, 2003

Is that why working on a Linux box always reminds me off perms, platform shoes, and polyester?

(j/k guys, it's been awhile since I thought about "runoff" type formatting utilities)

Bob Riemersma
Saturday, August 23, 2003

Somebody was looking into using WINE, in a thread started after this one.  That is a Windows environment on Linux that runs some windows applications pretty well.  Maybe watch that thread and see what comes of it.

Jeff Tulley
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

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