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A couple of questions

Hi everybody, I've got a couple of questions that i hope somebody might help me with.

1) comment system
Has anybody tried integrating one with a CD site? Which? What are the requierments for it?

2) numbering
Can CD count the number of results in a $forEach? -- I've got a "link index" that goes through various sub-dir's where the links are stored. any way to automaticly count them?

3) free host
Does anybody know of a (free) host the supports FTP uploading? Preferably also supporting the said requierments for the comment system.. -- Just something temporary 'till i finish with the cookie-sales to get enough money for more reliable hosting.
While I'm at it, does anybody have recommendations for a pay-host? cheapest i've found gives 150mb of storage and 3gb of transfer for 40$ a year.

john doe
Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I can answer question 1 with a plug to my own site:

There's a weblog template with article comments powered by php and mySQL (a common configuration from most web hosts).

John C
Wednesday, August 20, 2003

John Doe,

Just be careful with what you are searching for on the hosting front... you might just find it!

Cheap hosting comes at a cost, it has to... usually support or reliability of server/service.

After several hosts over the last 7+ years, ranging from el cheapo's to moderately expensive I've now settled for hosting all my client sites through:

Note the prices are in Australian dollars (convert at the rate of $AUD1.00=~$US0.65) the servers are in the US though. For their relatively low prices I've found their tech support to be very good and the service reliable.

Tim Jones
Wednesday, August 20, 2003

John C.,
thanks a million. i looked in to the template and it seems perfect. i can have comments on some pages, and not on others.. did i already say perfect?
btw, on your site you write that working with this won't allow CD to preview on a system that isn't running php/mySQL. it seems that that's relevant to CD1.x. When i ran the template on my computer (i tried installing apache-mysql-php a couple of months ago.. it was hell, and i uninstalled everything the minute after i succeeded) just swell (except, ofcourse, for not showing the pop-up window for comments).

Tim Jones,
when i said i'm cheap i meant that..  and there's nothing ideological about it, its just that there's barely no money. right now i found which seem to have fairly reasonable recommendations, and they go for 24$ a year for a pretty standard hosting plan.

john doe
Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I wonder if a thread about your favorite web host would be in order here? It may help someone who is looking for a solution.

Ron Lane
Wednesday, August 20, 2003

If you are looking for a REALLY CHEAP hosting try, no CGI, no perl, etc, but for a basic site it is ok.

Aníbal Rojas
Thursday, August 21, 2003


They are "free", if you renew your domain address with them.

I discovered them while researching CityDesk sites - I emailed the owner of the site and he said he was pretty happy with eseehosting.

Rangit Sangha
Thursday, August 21, 2003

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