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Does CD have Alzheimer's?

I can't remember (maybe I have a touch of Alzheimer's too!) whether this was raised/addressed ages ago or not, but... CD just can't seem to remember where I put things.

Each time I open CD I have to move the main project tree window to where *I* want it. Then each time I open an article, I have to move that too. Not where Windows or Fogcreek tell me it should be, but where I want it to be.

Given how much we've advanced in usability in the last few years, and Joel's devotion to such things, I'm wondering if I'm only one that likes things to stay where I damn well put 'em!

Tim Jones
Friday, August 15, 2003

For me CityDesk 2.x remembers where the tree was and the article editor was. Next time I open, there are where the belong.

Friday, August 15, 2003


I wish mine did! They seem to follow their own rules. Every time I start CD it comes up in the middle of the screen, horizontally. Article editor seems centred as well.

I move them back where I want them, left hand side for the tree, and article window abutting it. Close CD, restart and they're back centred again <sigh>.

XP Pro, clean system, no idea why, just very frustrating <shrug>

Tim Jones
Sunday, August 17, 2003


I found why it was forgetting!

If so much as one pixel is outside the normal screen workspace area, then the next time you open CD it will auto-centre your windows for you.

My tree was 1 pixel to left too far, and my article window a couple of pixels to the right too far.

Whilst I see this as a good way of preventing windows disappearing off screen for new users or after a resolution change, it sure had me scratching my head for a couple of days now ;-)

Tim Jones
Sunday, August 17, 2003

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