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Newsgator Plug-in for Citydesk?

I use Newgator as an RSS reader and really love the ability to post to a weblog from within it. I also like using Citydesk to manage a weblog.

Has anyone implemented a plug-in for Newsgator that allows you to publish to a citydesk managed weblog? If not, does Citydesk provide any API's that would allow one to create such a plug-in ?

Anil John
Tuesday, August 12, 2003

A use Newsgator as well and have looked at such a solution.  It looks fairly straightforward to build a plug-in ( and while CityDesk does not have any API's per se, being based on the JET database engine is very easy to work with.

Problems would be which .cty file/site to use (you'd have to select it), and there would either have to be a standard format you followed in your CityDesk site for the plug-in to work, of if not found it would have to create the whole structure itself.

Russ Hollmann
Wednesday, August 13, 2003

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