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Will the final release of citydesk to be able to generate valid xhtml? (transitional or strict?). As I understand there are still a few minor problems (see post about [[ ]] generating uppercase <A> tags)

What tools and methods can I use to clean up the generated html code? Can I automate this or is this a manual task (publish locally > clean up > manual upload of the filesbyu means of a ftp program).

thx in advance,

Michel Berkhout
Tuesday, August 12, 2003

As far as I'm aware the only bug that affects xhtml 1.0 transitional compliance is the [[]] one you mention. Apart from that the only way you can make it non-compliant is to mess up your templates!

As for tidying up html, you might want to look up HTML Tidy:

You can run it as a 'before copy' step in your publish setup (when you set up a publish location in CityDesk).  However, I understand that CityDesk uses HTML Tidy internally so you might not want to bother!

John C
Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The only problem I'm having at the moment with regard to XHTML compliance (I'm aiming for strict) is the [[ ]] one I mentioned.
What I did was to take the main page from my web site ( and run it through the W3C validator (, fixing bugs, until it was clean. I made notes along the way. My site only uses 2 templates (so far) so cleaning them up then using the notes wasn't too difficult. To be honest it was mostly lame stuff that I hadn't done (closing img and link tags, for example).

Julian M Bucknall
Tuesday, August 12, 2003

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