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In this post Joel describes how he generates the archive list on JOS, as follows:

"It's not super-automatic. The list is generated:

{$foreach x in (folder "oldnews/pages")$}{$x.headline$}

The folder oldnews/pages contains a bunch of articles named "March 2000", "April 2000", etc.

Each of those looks basically contains this:

{$ foreach newsStory in (and (folder "news")
(and (after 2000/02/28) (before 2000/4/1)))
sortAscendBy .filedDate $}

Once a month I have to clone one of those articles and tweak the date ranges."

I'd like to do a similar thing, except that I'd like "March 2000", "April 2000", etc. to simply be headlines (not links), with the linked headlines for each respective month in list form beneath each month's headline.  So, it'll look something like this:

July 2003
All About Spam
Everything You Wanted to Know About Spam...
Spam Spam Spam and more Spam

June 2003
Stay Tuned for...You Guessed It...SPAM!
Green Eggs and Spam

May 2003
Spum...The New & Improved Spam
Black Forest Spam


so on and so forth, where the headlines below each month are links to the respective articles.

Thanks!  All ideas greatly appreciated!


George Illes
Friday, August 8, 2003

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