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2.0 RC and earlier problem.

When you edit an article you're given three tabs.  Article, Properties, and Extras.  This post deals specifically with Extras.

We need a way to edit HTML in the Extras area.  Specifically if you go to and view the source of the page.. well, it wouldn't take you long to see what's occurring.  (If index2.html isn't there yet I'm manually editing the links in the database so I may not have finished yet and moved the file; check index.html.)

I use the sidebar, extra1, and extra2 areas for floating link blocks.  This was a problem to begin with:  there is no way to directly enter HTML into the areas (typing in <a href=..> would only give you the literal text, not a hyperlink) so in order to create hyperlinks I had to cut and paste from the Article editing area.

For instance, I have a folder named Links.  Inside of that folder are articles, each concerning one link.  In my original sidebar I wanted folks to be able to click the link of course.  I cut and paste the CityScript from the index into my sidebar and it worked because sidebar, extra1, and extra2 accept any pasted items.  Unfortunately this is a blessing and a curse.

In the situation I've found myself in the pasted text includes a font, specifically Times New Roman.  I have been cutting and pasting into the three extra areas and then I follow up with a "Remove Formatting" from the text.  This doesn't work though -- the formatting stays; indeed, it seems like more and more garbage gets thrown in with it.

Without a way to edit these areas in HTML mode we don't have a way to remove ourselves of spurious HTML that the UI tools might produce; we are more limited in what we can do to automatically produce articles.  Especially with these areas retaining font information from pasted text - not a bad thing normally - the garbage builds up quickly.

It's a lot later than I wanted it to be when I posted this so if it makes no sense I apologize.

Brian Schkerke
Saturday, August 2, 2003

CopyBoy will let you edit the HTML behind all of the Extras stuff. At this point in the release cycle, I doubt you'll get that in CityDesk.

Alternatively, if you have a copy of Access you can open up the .cty file and edit those fields there.

Mike Gunderloy
Saturday, August 2, 2003

Clarification:  in the mentioned sections you CAN create a link using the Insert Link method.  Unfortunately you can't use the Insert Link method to insert a link inside a CityScript loop - at least that I'm aware of.  (Someone's going to come back and prove me wrong, I know it, just because CityDesk is so damned flexible.)

Brian Schkerke
Saturday, August 2, 2003


I do have Access XP.  My CityDesk database actually has quite a few forms I've created to hand edit things I couldn't find in CityDesk.  However, I'll definitely check out CopyBoy since it's got to be a bit neater than my method.  <grin>


Brian Schkerke
Saturday, August 2, 2003

What I did to remove extra font information in Extra fields is to select it all. paste it (without formatting) into another field, select all text in the first field (you will see it selects something, problably font information), delete this stuf and cut and past (without formatting) from the second field. I hope you're still with me ;-)

I'ts a workaround, but it did the trick for me.

Menno Tillema
Sunday, August 3, 2003

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