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Is it a BUG : RC1

I've created a site that contains 8 folders. Each folder has a number of "articles" - some Folders have as many as 10 articles while other have as few as 1. Total articles in all folders number 24. One of the folders also houses my cascading style sheet.

1st issue ... I used "notepad" to generate some text then copied that text and pasted into an article. I checked the HTML code, liked what I saw and "save and close". Now I would immediately open that same article and go to HTML view -- low and behold "no" HTML tags present. This behavior is strange "because" it is intermittent [???] and it seems to only happen in Folders with a larger number of articles contained therein.

2nd issue ... In describing the above issue I noticed something else with "another" article contained in that same Folder.  I would past my text in from notepad into the article  then toggle between "Normal view" and "HTML view" and for that instance "no" HTML tags present. Now the stranger part -- In Normal view IF I would insert a carriage return at the beginning of the paragraph then switch to HTML view low and behold "the" HTML tags appeared.

OK -- now I am wondering if its a CD issue or could it be that my computer system is suffering from galloping Alzheimer’s. :-)

Has anyone else seen this?


David Mozer
Saturday, August 2, 2003

OK I can easily reproduce the issue described as 2nd...

In windows "notepad" type in some text [the length dose not mater] --  but do not issue any carriage returns. Now do a ctrl-c to copy the text and then in the "new" article pane do a ctrl-v to paste

In the Article view toggle back and forth between Normal view and HTML view -- and my observation is that no HTML tags are present in HTML view.

Apparently the CD Article editor requires the presence of at least "1" carriage return to active HTML tags.

I now do not consider this a bug -- however I can see this type of situation cropping up especially under circumstances where copy and paste is done in unique circumstances -- so I suggest that this type of issue be included in a FAQ.

David Mozer
Sunday, August 3, 2003

OOPS, sorry -- append to my instructions  -- in notepad do a ctrl-a to highlight the text you have typed in and then the do ctrl-c to copy that text.

Also make sure that the notepad session you are going to use for this exercise is completely blank – best to start a “new” notepad session.

David Mozer
Sunday, August 3, 2003

This is, accordingly to Fog Creek a feature. CD will only generate <p> and </p> tags if the content is more than one paragraph (there is any newlines). This is the same for all textboxes: the article editor, the sidebar, extra1 etc.

Note though, that all other tags work. If you for example select a word in Normal View and make it italic, there will be <em> and </em> tags in HTML View.

Henrik Jernevad
Sunday, August 3, 2003

re the 2nd issue.

In RC1 build 2.0.17 I notice that in an article edit session "sometimes" CD removes the HTML tags.

I have an article with one paragraph. The paragraph has <p>with 50 words</p> and when save and close is done -- then the article is opened for editing again and the HTML tags are gone. This doe not happen consistently ... this behavior is intermittent. I have now observed this behavior 5 times in build 2.0.15 and twice in the current build 2.0.17

David Mozer
Tuesday, August 5, 2003

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