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Tracking reports?

This isn't directly related to CityDesk, but I do make sites in CityDesk and there seems to be an unusual confluence of great technical minds on this site.  So here goes:

What do you recommend for tracking visitors to a website?  I am familiar with and, but I would prefer something that doesn't have ads.  I work in a public university setting and I think putting an ad-generating tracker on a university-hosted site could be problematic from a policy perspective.

The regular server logs will not do; they're too hard for the average user to make sense of.

I want to put some sort of tracking device so the users I set up websites for can see who is visiting their site -- preferably, not just a counter, since they will be interested in WHERE people are visiting from.  If they see that their sites get a lot of visitors, I'm thinking this may create the motivation to keep the site updated.

Thanks very much for any help you can offer.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

If you have PHP 4.1+ and MySQL access I highly reccomend Dean Allen's Refer 2.03.

His other tools are prety cool too.

Lee Potts
Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Your server generates log files. You should run these log files through some sort of reporting mechanism... I use Weblog Expert Lite, which is free. Analog is also popular, but is annoying to set up and doesn't generate the most user friendly reports.

It only gives you the top 50 referrers for the time period in which you run the report, but for my site I've flound that it peters out to a lot of "1" referrers that are always search engines within that 50, so I get what's important.

NedStatBasic is free for non-commercial use, and only puts a little graphic on your screen.

Finally, there's HitBox, which will tell you everything about your visitors, down to browser, OS & Screen resolution. The free version has an ad, but the pay version doesn't.
Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I use Power Phlogger myself.  Nice product that only requires some Javascript in your page to track.  If you want to host yourself you'll need PHP and MySQL as well.

Power Phlogger is available at  If anyone wants someone to host it for them I'd be happy to provide a user account for them on my site.  (The Javascript you include on your pages simply increments the appropriate counter on a database on my site type of thing.)  No ads or fees or anything.

Brian Schkerke
Sunday, August 3, 2003

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