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Bug in publish for date? 2.07

The "publish for" dialogue box is changing when it shouldn't.

I've been cleaning up a site. I'm turning old scripts into  "whole" text to avoid messy script and file build-up and to cut publishing times. So, I did some of that and published.

I noticed that my newly published home page was suddenly 9 months old. I checked the "publish for" box - it was set to 9-27-02. (I think).

After I paniced, I set "Publish for today" and it published fine. I eliminated some more old scritpts and files and published again. This time the publish for date was set at 10-10-02.(I'm sure on this one)

I didn't do a thing. I did not set publish date today and I don't think I've ever set it for this site. The only thing I did with dates during my sessions today was to change the "fileddate" on several articles. I use the fileddate for to make a performance calendar.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

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