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The Contributer Edition sounds cool... But what happens when you design a site and the hand it over to someone to maintain, whose computer isn't availabel through your network? Like you just e-mail the .cty file or something. Do they have to e-mail it back to you and not make any changes until you've updated the templates and what not?

It would be excellent if you could, even in the contributer edition, import templates & associated files, publish locations, variables, etc.

This way they e-mail you their current version of the site with all the articles (useful for you for troubleshooting), you work on it, export the templates, and send it back to them. They continue working on the site, and when they get the file, import the new templates... Hopefully everything will work the same way, but if not, they just import the templates from the older .cty file - the one they e-mailed you and you thoughtfully archived, or the one you sent them months ago, which you also thoughtfully archived.
Saturday, July 26, 2003

>export the templates

scratch that... maybe you export the templates, maybe you don't... there are good reasons for and against having templates be exportable.... i.e. they look and act different so the user doesn't confuse the new template file with the new site file and accidentally overwrite the last weeks work when they simply replace the file. It's also a smaller file to e-mail for those luddites still on a dial up.

On the other hand... Uh. I can't think of any reasons against.

It also makes a great way to share templates that people can integrate into existing sites, so you can just plug in the blogger template that darren or TK have provided.
Saturday, July 26, 2003

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