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I've been using CityDesk for a few months now.  I have some feature suggestions to make to the development team in hopes that they might be considered for a future release.  Perhaps some of these things are already addressed in 2.0.  Before I start, let me say that I'm a satisfied CityDesk user.  There hasn't been much of anything I've wanted to that I couldn't find a way to pull it off.  But I do still have a wish list...

- In summary, more scripting, more scripting.  I would kill for some basic If-Then capabilities, some basic functions, and object model to script to.

For Each Article in Articles
  If Article.Whatever = "Whatever" Then
  End If
Next Article

The custom function call to DoWhatever() would be icing on the cake, but I'm not really suggesting that I need to ability to define routines or modules or anything.  Just a way to, within a template or article, do some decent inline scripting.

This would provide so much more power, particularly in relation to templates.  What I have now in 1.0 is more templates than I need.  I could have signficantly fewer templates if I had the ability to do some scripting beyond a For Each loop and a function to check if a field is empty.  Without decent scripting, the difference between Template A and Template B is only slight, to the point that it would be so much easier to have one template instead of two.

- Dynamic field names to attach to articles.  In other words name-value pairs.  This could even be normalized so that you could create a standard list of "custom fields" that all documents would have.  The custom fields could have a default value, and would be editable for each article.  Even better, cross-reference the fields with the templates, and then an article only "inherits" the custom fields that are associated with the article's parent template.  Of course, I want to be able to refer to these fields through scripting, and I want to be able to filter and sort based on these fields.

- A dual "Rich"/"HTML" edit mode for the Teaser and Sidebar fields

- Please sort the variables in the Variables dialog alphabetically

- Please create the capability to associate articles with one another, especially in a hierarchical fashion.  Then it would be nice to be able to loop through an articles child articles.  Also, I would like to be able to cross-reference articles, which is basically the same thing.  For example, if someone writes an e-mail in response to an article, and I publish that e-mail as an article, I'd like to be able to associate the letter with the article for the purposes of creating a "See Also" link each way.  So I have this specific need for the cross-referencing, but also in general it would be even better to be able to associate articles for multiple purposes simultaneously, perhaps with an "Association Reason" field attached to the relationship itself.

- A function/shortcut key for the Word Wrap toggle in the editors would be a wonderful thing.

Daniel Read

Daniel Read
Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I'd like to add a request...

Option to have the headline showing in the article-tree in the main window. I'm using dates as filenames, and headline for brief content.  Would be sufficient if the headline content was shown as floating text when one selects or hovers over an article.

Fredrik Jacobsson
Thursday, July 17, 2003

Another request...

Relational Database type of feature.

Some articles have so many keywords in them!

CD is a "flat" file. I'd like to see a relational db. I'd like to "SELECT" records across tables.

I'm not really running a site of html. My site is SELECTing records and displaying the results in tables.

Oh, this is probably a can of worms...

Bob Bloom
Thursday, July 17, 2003

I want to deploy over ssh.

Eric W. Sink
Thursday, July 17, 2003

I, too, would like ssh support (but also keep the ftp option).  I'm currently publishing to disk and using rsync over ssh to upload most of my sites. 

I would also like to see cut, copy and paste added to the right click menu in every location where they are available from the pull-down menu.

David Burch
Thursday, July 17, 2003

In addition to the object model, relational database management with SELECT, and ssh/scp, my car could use a scrub every now and again!


Oh, and MAIL:

Ryan Tate
Friday, July 18, 2003

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