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Bug reporting form in CD


while using CD 1.0 free trial (yesterday, before I upgraded) I ran into a bug, which I promptly reported using the built-in bug reporting form. I really liked that bug reporting form, esp. with the nice extra touch of "describe what you were doing" next to the automatically generated info.

Is this form (and associated crash data generation/ transmission) something you've coded yourself, or does it originate from a commercial crash-logging utility?
If so, which ? I would love to have such a feature in my own software.


Kristofer Skaug
Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I believe they wrote it themselves.

It's actually fairly straightforward to write this sort of functionality yourself, if you're a C++ man have a look at one of the many examples of how to do it here:

Basically you write code to catch any unhandled exceptions in your software, generate a minidump file using the windows API that you can examine post-mortem, fire up some GUI like you see in CityDesk, then e-mail or ftp the data back to base. Microsoft Office XP and Windows XP do exactly this (although they use a separate exe to do the work).

John C
Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Yep, we did our own dialog box. It only took a few days work. On the backend, it connects to FogBUGZ, our bug tracking application, which comes with a little ActiveX control called BugzScout that actually does the reporting.

To summarize:
* you need to handle the error yourself and gather data on it
* if you're using FogBUGZ, all you have to do is call into an ActiveX control to report the bug. It will be transmitted over HTTP to your FogBUGZ database.

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Hey, I was hoping it'd be something like that!
makes FogBugz just that little extra bit interesting, too.

thanks, Kristofer

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

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