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bug in picture editing?

I'm wondering if I'm the only one that encountered this problem. I import pictures from a different location, sometimes digital foto's, sometimes scans from other sources. Most of the times the pictures are way to big for use on the internet, so I have to trim them down.

Now if I importe a picture say 1600x1200 it take up nearly all the screen. So I trim it down to 200x150. The result is awful, because the picture is still displayed at 1600x1200, but with the resulotion of the 200x150 picture. Somehow editing pictures with i.e. Pmview forces CityDesk to check "Override image Height and Width" with the original dimensions.

I think it is a bug, if it's a featue I would like to do a feature request to change this behaviour.

One guy at the office managed to import 1-3Mb TIFF files and to display them at 0 pixel dimensions. He ended up with a 77 Mb unusable CD file ;-((

Any comments on this?

Regards, Menno Tillema

Menno Tillema
Thursday, July 10, 2003

CityDesk records the image's width and height at insertion time.  If the image height or width is changed, the width and height for the image in the HTML code is not changed.

To avoid this problem, scale down the imported images before they are inserted into documents, or, in Normal view, you can right click on the image, select properties, reselect the image from the drop-down list (which will reset the height and width to the new size), and click OK.

I think the current behavior is the desired behavior for this feature.

David Burch
Thursday, July 10, 2003

In CityDesk 1.0, I would recommend using an external program to scale the images before bringing them into CityDesk.

In CityDesk 2.0 we have a built in picture editor, so you can scale the images right in CityDesk before you insert them into an article.

In any case, if you try to scale the picture from inside an article, you are only changing the size the picture is displayed by the web browser, not changing the picture itself, so the whole picture still must be downloaded and the web browser will be asked to resize the picture.

Finally -- if your CityDesk files get too big, there's a Compact item on the File menu which will reclaim unused space. This is especially helpful if you've recently deleted something large.

Joel Spolsky
Friday, July 11, 2003

I think the answers cover my question:

- size is determined at insertion time, OK, but if picture size and HTML code are not aligned, the why change the setting "override image height and width" instead of changing the dimensions in the HTML code?

- compact site when you've deleted something large, OK, sounds reasonable.

- the built in picture editor has more features than I thought, but I do like PMView more!

Anyway, I can adapt to these features.

Regards, Menno

Menno Tillema
Friday, July 11, 2003


Have you used IrfanView ( )? I use it a lot as a batch resize processor. It also does thumbnails & contact sheets - and a lot else. I'm asking to see how it compares (negating price, IrfranView is still free) to PMView.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

> Meno
My apologies, Menno.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

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