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New CD site

Here's a site I just completed in CD.

With the exception of the home page and some pages in the pasworded staff/clients areas, the entire site uses one template that is just a bunch of div tags to position the curved header, the navigation, testimonial side bar, page content and footers, each with a CityScript tag to pull content into them.

CD tags and variables control:
- the page content
- the left navigation
- the testimonial area below (which only appears if there is a testimonial for that page - love that nonblank function)
- the photos that appear on some of the Services pages
- the footers for each page
- the News items - first three headines go on the home page; all the headlines, teasers and filedTime's go on the News index page; all elements of the news story appear on the individual News story pages. This will look better when the client gets more than the two placeholder stories in there, but it was very straightforward to set up and the client is excited about how easy (i.e. zero coding) it is going to be for him to add and modify news stories. Same applies to the Staff and Client areas.

Anyway, CityDesk has really changed my development style and, despite my constant whining to Joel about minor annoyances and features I just GOTTA have, it is an amazing product and incredibly good value, not matter what the tight-fisted bloggers have to say : )

I'm about to start an e-commerce site for selling software and after I told the client to take a look at the CityDesk animated demo to see if he wanted to use CD to maintain the site after I finish it, he called back about five minutes later and said do it. So here we go again...

Thanks to everyone at FC and on the board who posted answers to my newbie questions while I figured out how to do this stuff.


Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Nice looking site but totally unusable if you have images turned off - specify some ALT text! Your font sizes are fixed, which means that users can't resize the text using Internet Explorer.

Also, I get a nasty horizontal scroll bar on a lot of the pages (using IE 5.0).

He Who Would Be Nielson
Wednesday, July 2, 2003

I get the horizontal scrollbar on IE6, too. (It's strange: the text is all nicely contained in the borders and other graphics on the left. But the gray background extends to the right for another screenful.) And the text is *tiny*. Especially the menus.

Please, people. Don't specify a base font size; just use whatever the user has set. Size everything else relatively. Your users will like you better, even if they don't quite realize why. (Joel, this goes for you, too! Especially in these forums!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Heck, there's a horizontal scrollbar in Mozilla 1.3b, too. I'm too lazy to look at your source and figure out where it's coming from...

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

A nice looking site. I was wondering how you automatically can generate (with cityscript) the left navigation bar with the current page/link highlighted in red when you are using only one template. Do you have to use "thisarticle" feature of cityscript?


Michel Berkhout
Thursday, July 3, 2003

I'd assumed the navigation was staticly created with a number of templates/includes.
Thursday, July 3, 2003

Unless he did it with the previous/next links that I've been meaning to toy with but never got around to.
Thursday, July 3, 2003

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