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I am getting ready to publish a newsite which will use citydesk.

On of the items I needed for the site was the Bread Crumbs. I found an example using Javascript, but I wanted the ability to have static links.

It is set up as a small GUI application. You tell it which city file to process, which city variable (headline, extra1, etc) contains your article titles, which variable you would like to contain your breadcrumbs, and the name of your directory file (for example, index).

The application will then process all of the articles in your current city desk site and generate all of the HTML.

I have only tested it on Beta 2.05 , but if anyone would like to give it a shot, please contact me at Scott AT TripleASP.NET.


P.S. It is a .NET application, so you will likely need version 1.1 of the Framework installed to use it.

Scott Watermasysk
Monday, June 30, 2003

Sunday, July 20, 2003

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