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feature req:  auto-image thumbnails / nav


Second - it would be really really cool if I could create a folder in CD, populate it with images (for ex., 1.5MB images from my digital camera) and have some sort of built in wizard within CD to create a "thumbnails" page / view on that folder.

This would let me turn CD into my General Purpose Image Publisher in addition to my GP Text Publisher  ;-)

vinod v
Friday, June 27, 2003

CityDesk definitely needs easier ways to build photo galleries. 
The built in image editor helps but there is still the manual work of creating and linking thumbnails to larger images.

David Burch
Friday, June 27, 2003

Yes, I must admit that it would be mightily useful sometimes if the "insert picture" dialog had an extra section (below Override Height and width, perhaps that went):

[ ] Insert thumnail link to this picture
      Thumbnail height: ___32____
      Thumbnail width:____32____

and have CD automatically build the thumbnail and insert it as the picture in the page, with a click on the thumbnail calling up a full sized version of the picture.

Sounds simple and useful, but maybe that's wishful thinking...


Denis F.
Friday, June 27, 2003

If CityDesk had a photo-gallery generator, I'd most likely never use it.

My site may be ugly & lame, but it's mine.  I don't want anyone else - not FrontPage, not CityDesk - writing HTML for me.

Pat Rice
Sunday, June 29, 2003

I've just put 74 pictures into a CityDesk site, one picture and one thumbnail in each article. I'm very happy that they are in there now. I have a lot of options in they way(s) I present them.

Getting them in there was brute force drudgery even though I'm happy with the result. I will do it again.  But, I wouldn't mind a little help from CityDesk or a third party program that compliments CityDesk. I could choose to use it, or not.

I am at a loss at how to spec such a feature. In my case it would have been: Grab this folder full of jpgs; make thumbnails 100 pix wide for each one; put the big jpg into the body of a new article; put the thumbnail of into the sidebar of the associated article; give the article the same name as the jpg.  That would be nice for me but it seems too narrow to suit many other folks.

By the way I solved my problem by teaching my 14-year-old how to grind through the process. His fingers are quick and he has a kind of concentration that I lack.

Sunday, June 29, 2003


The CityDesk DHTML editor already "writes" HTML for you.

What I'm talking about is adding some tools or commands to CityDesk that makes allows you to generate photo galleries based upon images imported into CityDesk.

CityDesk could allow you to generate thumbnails of a predefined size when importing images,  create a new article with the image in an extra2 field and the thumbnail in the extra1 field, etc.  There are lots of ways this could be done.

David Burch
Monday, June 30, 2003

No, it doesn't: I use HTML view.

The other view - never using it, I have forgotten what it's called - is like having the ghost of FrontPage haunting me, a year after I dumped FrontPage in favor of CityDesk.

I already have tools to create thumbnails, etc., so (for me) there's no need to add such to CityDesk.

Pat Rice
Monday, June 30, 2003

A large part of this problem would be solved if CityScript provided a way to loop over non-article files. Then you could just drag all your images into the folder, and create an 'index' article to loop over them all. You'd still have to mess around a bit to create thumbnails linking to full-size pics, but I think that could be managed.

On one of my web sites, I've got a bunch of pdf files in a folder. I'd love to be able to loop over them like I can with articles - it'd save me a lot of time and prevent mistakes like forgetting to update the index page's links.

Darren Collins
Monday, June 30, 2003

I forgot to mention that a lot of the 'photo album' pages I create don't have links to larger pictures - they're just a page full of medium-sized pictures like this one:

Being able to loop over a bunch of jpgs in a folder would make these pages much easier and quicker to generate!

You'll notice I've used Next/Previous to link those galleries together, too.

Darren Collins
Monday, June 30, 2003

I'd be happy with HTML View for the extra fields: then I could create an article for each image, initialize the extra fields thusly:

Extra1 - <img> tag, full image
Extra2 - <img> tag, thumbnail (optional)
FiledDate - When the picture was taken
Headline - image caption
Sidebar - longer description

...set a keyword for each person in the picture, and use CityScript to assemble my photo galleries.

Pat Rice
Tuesday, July 1, 2003

While you wait for CD to be enhanced, check out  for a GREAT and FREE alternative.

George Illes
Monday, July 7, 2003

Getting back to the start of this thread ... I would really like CD to use it's built in image tools to create separate thumbnail files when publishing images for which I have overridden the height and width.

The idea being that if I only want to show 160x120 pixels of a 1MB file I don't want my viewers to have to download all 1MB (there are still people with modems out there :). Also I don't want to have to maintain two image files in the CD db.

Mark Zeren
Monday, September 1, 2003

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