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Making child contents links

I have a 3 level deep structure that I need to maintain on both the authoring and published sides and I want to list links to only the child folders that are one level down in the "index" article of the parent.

I'm have included the names of the children in the extra1 field of the parent but need a cdscript for my template to turn these into links. The structure is;

I tried;

{$forEach x in (and(keywordContains "Topic")(filename "index"))$}

but this just marks up a link from the article to itself. I'd like to do;

{$forEach x in (and($.extra1$)(keywordContains "Topic:))$}

I'm no good at this stuff but want to persist and learn something.

Thanks - Ian

Ian Smith
Friday, June 27, 2003

The short answer is: You can't with CityScript but there are ways to accomplish it. If you want a general script that will account for any multilevel future possibility - you can't. If you want to meet a specifc requirement for a  specific site, you can.

Many folks have requested it as a feature.

Friday, June 27, 2003

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