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Problem With Cancelling FTP

In CD 2.0.5, I clicked on the Cancel button while my site was being FTPed to the server. The next time I clicked the Publish button, I got an error message saying there was still a connection open. Clicking Cancel in that dialog and clicking the Publish button again then publishes the site normally.

Darren Collins
Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I had a similar problem this weekend.  My ftp session was hanging due to problems on the server, and when I cancelled and retried CityDesk wouldn't do it. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

That's probably because CityDesk isn't actually closing the connection, see:

"Finally I decided that in this case, when the user hits the Cancel button, instead of freezing like Internet Explorer, I will simply hide the file transfer so it looks like the operation has been cancelled. In the background, invisible to the user, I'll wait around for the time-out to happen."

Ryan Tate
Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I've also received this error message when I had a Command Prompt FTP session open the same server.  When I closed the FTP session, CityDesk quit complaining.

David Burch
Thursday, June 26, 2003

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