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files versus artiles

Can someone point me to information about the distinctions between articles and files please?

I realize that there are "functional" differences in the interface, but I don't quite understand the rationale behind the differences.

For example, I would find it very convenient to be able to preview a file in the same way I preview an aritle. I might also find it convenient to convert an article (back) to an html file.

This question ties in to my earlier query about accessibility features; the query got no responses. I don't know how to logically interpret that. I could think "lack of interest" or "no information or experience" or "no can do".

In any event, I guess I have to have more granular control over the articles in order to introduce markup like acronyms or abbreviations or attributes like class, title, alt, etc.

I'm finding the distinction between the notion of "file" and "article" confusing in this regard. Obviously there are other types of files such as images, but I'm particularly interested in HTML files.

Thanks for your help.              ...edN

ed nixon
Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Except for importing already created files, I don't see any use for files as compared to articles.

But if you are converting an existing site to use CityDesk, importing files might be a real timesaver.  On the other hand, importing files to articles and using an empty template might be a better approach since the extra features of articles then become available

Joel Goldstick
Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Nothing complicated at all.

Articles have metadata as well as content. The metadata is extra information you provide about the contents of the article, such as, headline, author, teaser, and the like. CityDesk will use the template you provided to wrap the article's content and/or metadata. CityDesk will also interpret the contents of articles, looking for {$ whatever $} tags and replacing them with the required text before publishing the article.

On the other hand, CityDesk publishes files in your tree without interpretation. What you gave CityDesk is what appears on your web site.

Cheers, Julian

Julian M Bucknall
Wednesday, June 18, 2003

For me the advantage of using articles over individual html files is that an article has a template associated with it that can provide common stuff like the header and footer. You can do the same for an individual html file, but if you want to make a change to the header globally (say to your entire site) then you can change the template rather than going through each individual file.

Of course you can use variables to that end but it's far less effective than templates.

John C
Wednesday, June 18, 2003

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