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First, I am not very creative at designing a web page and I have never been able to do a reasonably good job at designing my own personal page.  Believe me, I have tried so many other WYSIWYG tools, ie FrontPage and nothing ever works for me.

As a regular JoSer, I have known the product for awhile so, I decided to give a try.  Initially, I was really frustrated because I know very little about HTML, CSS and Style Sheets.  The worst of all, the built-in WYSIWYG editor does not work well and lacks many features that other editors offer, especially in designing a template.  Eventually, I gave up using the editor and decided to get my hands dirty by directly editing the code.

With trials and errors, copying and pasting from the simple template, I finally managed to get the way I want it after spending ~2-3 hrs.  Once the template is done, the rest was quite easy and I will never have to worry about the formatting again; just type in and "Publish".

Though, I found one or two serious usability problems and twice "Report Errors" while pasting a pic, it was very satisfying, given it is just a few years old.  Since only one template comes with the Standard Edition, I would have been happier with more templates. 

Using CityDesk, I am finally happy with the looks and feels of my web site for the first time.  My page does not use any graphic or color, just plain simple layouts, yet it looks: judge for yourself.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Congradulations! The site looks great.
Monday, June 16, 2003

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