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Missing Link between StyleSheet CSS and Article

I am using CityDesk for customers who didn't know anything in webpublishing (no basic HTML knowledge).

And it's great. They work without any support and they like it most of the time.

One thing is missing in the "Article" window. It is the link with the CSS and few HTML elements as <P> <DIV> <SPAN>. It would give another level of display control.

For the CSS, it would be smart to create classes linked to template, in a way where lambda end-user could format his post without understanding the process. (like something close to DreamWeaver process where you select your text and apply a class)

1. Choosing in the template if the default text delimiter are <P> or <DIV> or <SPAN>

2. Associate one or mutliple small CSS for each template: to present a small list of choices for managing the layout (to avoid complexity and redundancy for end-users) (

3. Or add specific value in class names to link them to specific templates (a template "news" will select all names including .news.

4. Present these classes like the "Font Size" function.

Francois Lamotte
Monday, June 9, 2003

I would like to see a separate place where styles could be defined.  They would then be available through a pull-down list on the toolbar.  The user would highlight a section of text and apply a style, similar to a word processor.

David Burch
Monday, June 9, 2003

I do all my presentation with css.  I haven't given much thought as to how to integrate css with citydesk since i'm a 'notepad' rather than 'frontpage' sort of developer.

I'm glad to see others giving this area thought!

Joel Goldstick
Monday, June 9, 2003

I'd also like to see a CSS pulldown in CityDesk.

Though that would mean a seperately defined CSS that gets pulled into the article for preview. Otherwise you wouldn't see it.

Also, if there's a SPAN or a DIV or something else surrounding the body in the template, that wouldn't show up either.

But... if they can get around that, it'd be a great feature.
Monday, June 9, 2003

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