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home -> news -> politics -> local

What are your solutions to creating dynamically generated "breadcrumbs" that look like:

home -> news -> politics -> local -> article1

home = site index page (href=index.html)

news & politics & local are subfolders (href =index.html)

article1 = an article in the subfolder local (article1.html)

I'm sure there is a workaround in CD beta 2.0.3 that may or may not involve js.

I don't want to use any field names in my articles to specify what subfolders that article is in. That would make it manually generated :-)

Many thanks!

Bob Bloom
Thursday, May 29, 2003

Try these links for examples on how to use JavaScript to implement breadcrumb trails, nothing has changed to make this type of navigation easier in the Beta--maybe version 3.0?

Also, I just did a paper for college that was delivered as a web site.  The web site used a lot of tips and tricks I blatently stole from this forum, including look-and-feel by John Conners and Fog Creek, bread crumbs by Adriaan van den Brand, and Next/Previous links by Darren Collins.  I reduced it to outline form so that it is almost a template.  It is in Beta 2.0.3 format and available at (283KB).

David Burch
Thursday, May 29, 2003


**Thank you** for your excellent reply :-)

I went searching for a pure js solution. I came upon:

I put this script in a variable I call breadcrumb. I then put {$ .breadcrumb $} in my template.

I have index.html files in each subfolder, so this script works. However... there is a problem, and it's with CD!

Not all index pages are called index.html. A couple of index pages are called INDEX-2.html. Find 'em here:

(BTW, CITYDESK is just a "beta" of a new version of the site).

One of the two instances:


Is this a bug? Did I do something BAD? Is a Leo/Cancer marriage a good idea?

Thanx :-)

Bob Bloom
Thursday, May 29, 2003

Compact the site and then re-name the index file something like "temp" and then re-re-name it index.

Looks like somewhere in there there's either an old ghost index, or that file got it's name when there was an index.
Thursday, May 29, 2003

You can rename those files.  My guess is that you already had an article named index in the directory where you created the new article.

Right click on the index-2 icons to rename

Joel Goldstick
Thursday, May 29, 2003

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