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feature requests - CD3

* If I insert a link to a CD story and do not select any link text, would be super cool if the headline of the story were used as the link text automatially, rather than the file name, as is presently the case. Alternatively, when I right-click the story in the main window, a "Copy Headline Link" option would be cool, it would be the headline of the story surrounded by tags linking it to the story via magic name.

* If I have copied an URL to the clipboard and hit control-L or click on "Insert Link," "To an External Site" is auto-selected and my URL is auto-filled into the URL field. (Of course this would only be for obvious URLs starting with "http://", I wouldn't expect CD to recognize relative URLs or funky things like "".) This would make weblogging much easier. Alternatively, if I open the link dialog and just hit Paste, and I am pasting an URL, "To an external Site" is auto-selected and my URL is auto-filled.

*Keyword-driven conditionals

*Nested foreach statements

Ryan Tate
Sunday, May 25, 2003


Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, May 27, 2003

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