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a toy for geeks?

i read this forum and... i see some peolple is living here, in this web ( :P)

is citydesk a way of life? joel give us virtual coffees here.

asking about techie things.. anybody knows webs with shirts or geek toys? I only know

where we can buy a fog creek t-shirt? :)

PD: marktaw, i was joking with you.. i apreciate all your comments and effort :)

Robert Cappa
Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I admit it... I have a bunch of websites I visit whenever I'm bored and this is one of them. As you can tell, I'm frequently bored.
Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I use a browser called Netcaptor. Its claim to fame is that it lets you open multiple browser windows. But it also has a feature called CaptorGroups. You can open a CaptorGroup and your predefined browser windows open up. Nice. I have a CaptorGroup called Morning Report. This forum is one of those links. :)

Marktaw, I visited your site and found your link to Color Scheme. Very cool program. I need it. I've never seen it around before. It is very useful to me.

Yes, for some reason, CityDesk forum is a way of life. I don't know why.

John Cesta

John Cesta
Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I'm an opera convert lately.  version 7 is a very good program for developers to use.

Opera has something they called "saved sessions":

Joel Goldstick
Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Damnit, IE crashed before I got a chance to hit send.

This is a link to Color Schemer Online. I'm getting a DNS error for it right now though:

Here are some of the sites I visit regularly:

Sites that index weblogs and give you the popular links:

Sites that give you RSS feeds from tech sites
- (i actually don't visit this one)

Various JOS forums:

My Own Forums

Audio Forums (Newsgroups)
- alt.guitar.bass
- etc.

Friends' weblogs


I started a thread about this in JOS almost exactly one year ago. I'm amazed that I found it again!
Tuesday, May 20, 2003

John Cesta: I installed NetCaptor after reading your tip. Its CaptorGroups feature is VERY nice, a real time saver when exploring a certain topic. I also like there's x tabs per open page WITHIN the application, as opposed to x instances of I.E. in the taskbar. I also like it uses IE: not really another browser, more an IE enhancing application.

Thanks very much for the tip!

Paul Iliano
Wednesday, May 21, 2003

>Thanks very much for the tip!

I have been using Netcaptor for a few years now. It's a good product no bugs. They are always sending out enhancements and small fixes (none that I ever experience).

Yea, I like the fact that it uses IE instead of trying to recreate the entire browser core and loading more bloatware on my computer.


John Cesta
Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I've recently "switched" to Mac OS X for my desktop at home (lured by UNIX on the desktop).

So I have the luxury of being able to use Apple's Safari (beta 2) browser. Safari has tabs and the ability to open a whole slew of bookmarked sites in seperate tabs with one click. Sounds a lot like the features of NetCaptor. Makes a huge difference to my daily catchup.

Still have to run a PC (all be it virtual) for my favourite CMS though ;-)

Ian Jones
Thursday, May 22, 2003

Check out Bulls Eye from intelliseek. I've got the pro version.

It checks your favorite websites every day (or week/month) and sends you just the new stuff by email.

There's a web-based free version at:

That's how I keep up on the CD new group.


Alan Armstrong
Friday, May 23, 2003

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