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developer vs. content provider use of CD

As a developer, I see citydesk a certain way.  Its a cms to me with scripting, which is a kind of pre-processor.  I've built two, going on three sites for customers with it.  One of the customers doesn't need to update the site.  The other one writes new articles from time to time, but he would have trouble dealing with CD, even as a content provider.  He can use Word, but cut and paste is a skill that confuses him.  Two applications running at the same time on his machine is totally beyond his comprehension. 

So my question to you who have customers updating their own sites is:  What works, what doesn't?  Do they mess with variables? or just create articles?  Do they enter content into the various fields?

just wondering

Joel Goldstick
Saturday, May 17, 2003

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

keywords are out, folders are in... as few as possible. Publish based on number of artiles "only the top 4" if they want more control, let them drag articles from the "homepage" folder into the "archive" folder and loop based on the folder.
Saturday, May 17, 2003

Im with you Joel Goldstick.

My clients are too lamers for using computers in general.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I've done two sites that the customer is publishing themselves and I'm close on two more.

The first already had an OpenACS site but the programmer was too busy to give the authors enough training.  But the authors were knowledgable and started publishing buckloads the day I sent them the .cty file. I was proud of them.

The second site was a re-do of an existing site that had become unmangeable for the site's owner. It was nearly 80k words on a single page but he made money on it. I broke it into smaller chunks, sent him the .cty file and taught him how in a 30 minute telephone conversation. He immediately understood how much easier it was in CityDesk. He has nearly doubled the content in the site.

The other sites, well, most folks start with unbounded enthusiasm and are very interested in learning how -- at first. But most are very busy and are embarased that they might not be able to learn how.  Anyway, if a publisher only changes the site once a month, he'll probably forget how.

So, I guess the value is that we can update sites more efficiently with CityDesk. Therefore, we bill the owner less for the services.

Monday, May 19, 2003

We have 20 non-technical content providers using Citydesk to maintian our corporate intranet. They have been doing for about a year with no real problems (they don't mess with templte etc.) All were given 1/2 days training by other non technical staff.

I would say that any reasonably IT literate person (i.e. can use word and understands cut & past) could use Citydesk sucessfully.

The lack of security in CD does worry me though!

Iain Forsyth
Tuesday, May 20, 2003

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