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Update a file in City Desk?

My resume is stored in the City Desk hierarchy in PDF format.  I would like to update the file with a new version.

How do I do this without deleting and re-adding it?  Doing this caused my links to my resume to break.

-- Joel

Joel Ryan
Thursday, May 15, 2003

The new public beta of CityDesk 2.0 (released about a week ago)  handle this fine, but not the orignal 1.x-version. With the old version you need to update the links manually.

Fredrik Jacobsson
Thursday, May 15, 2003

There is a way to do it using v1, but it's a bit tricky. Here goes:

1. right-click on the pdf file in citydesk and select 'choose program...'.

2. associate it with notepad by clicking 'add', then put notepad into the top edit box and the path to notepad (probably 'c:\windows\notepad.exe').

3. dismiss that dialog and right-click on the pdf file and select the 'notepad' item that's now there.

4. this will launch the pdf in notepad which will just display a load of garbage, don't worry.

5. go and find where the file is located (hint: hit file > save as in notepad and it'll show you where it is).

6. look in that folder, you'll find the pdf file there called something like PTMFOG0000000356.pdf

7. copy your newly updated pdf file there, then delete the PTMFOG0000000356.pdf file and rename your one to that name.

8. go back to citydesk and it will pick up the change (you can close notepad now).

Told you it was a bit tricky...

John C
Thursday, May 15, 2003

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