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Taking a fresh look at 2.0 after having 1.X underpowered and am impressed. Considering jumping onboard which is saying something since I now do 90% of my work on OS/X. Forgive these questions, probably answered zillions of times ...

.... Can I publish to XML and is there an associated DTD?

.... Are there assorted tricks/hacks for exporting data from CityDesk sans XML?

.... Are there known future plans for onboard export features that are end-user oriented?

.... What version of Access would I need to get direct access to my CityDesk data?

.... Will FogCreek show mercy and someday support MySQL? (Hey, you'll notice I DIDN'T ask for a Mac version)

.... And can I have this with some freedom fries?

Russ Lipton
Wednesday, May 7, 2003

OK, I answered nearly all of my questions by searching through the archives .... figures!

Russ Lipton
Thursday, May 8, 2003

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