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Known bugs in Beta 2.0

These are just some of the known bugs (in case you were considering reporting them):

1) Sometimes templates won't be created on upgraded sites.  This is because of some default parameters in the database that weren't getting set correctly.  You can probably fix it by opening up the tblTemplateStructure in Access and adding in the default values for all of the fields (its pretty self evident).

2) Sometimes the template renaming/hiding doesn't work.  This happens when the indexes (database geek speak) get out of sync for your templates, and is actually the result of a error in the code when using the indexes.  The bug will be fixed in the final release. There really isn't much of a workaround for this.

Michael H. Pryor
Tuesday, May 6, 2003

My converted site was missing its templates. All I have is Empty and Simple. Is this what you mean?

I looked at tblTemplateStructure, but couldn't see where my old templates might be. I guess I didn't understand your post.

Colin Nicholls
Sunday, May 11, 2003

Here's a possible workaround for issues with creating new templates:

First, you must have Access 2000 or some other means of changing the table design.

1. Open the .CTY in Access 2000.

2. Open the design for table tblTemplateStructure.

3. For the fields lblHeadline, lblAuthor, lblTeaser, lblSidebar, lblAboutTheAuthor, lblExtra and lblExtra2, put any string you want in the DefaultValue property (I just used "Headline", "Author", etc)

4. For the fields fTeaserVisible, fSidebarVisible, fAboutTheAuthorVisible, fExtra1Visible and fExtra2Visible, put "1" as the DefaultValue property.

5. Now open the .CTY file in CityDesk again, and try to add a new template.

If you've already tried to create a new template and gotten this error, you'll have to fill in each of the fields mentioned above with appropriate values.

Dan NOvak
Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Ooops, I guess I didn't read Michael's first paragraph above.

Nonetheless, I can confirm that changing the default values in the table resolves the problem.

Dan Novak
Tuesday, May 20, 2003

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